Explore a new culture or the history of the world. Western offers courses for learning a new language, introduction to cultural anthropology, the Holocaust, women's studies, and much more! Additionally the Western partners with EF Educational Tours for trips around the world. 


Course # Course Name Starts Ends Start Time End Time Meeting Days
ANTH 1200 NT Intro Cultural Anthropology 08/21 12/11 Internet    
COMM 1030 NT Interpersonal Communication 08/21 12/11 Internet    
COMM 1030 ENT Interpersonal Communication 08/21 10/09 Internet    
COMM 2090 NT Introduction to Persuasion 08/21 12/11 Internet    
CRMJ 2400 NT Criminology 08/21 12/11 Internet    
SOC 1000 NT2 Sociological Principles 08/21 12/11 Internet    
SPAN 1010 01 First Year Spanish 1 08/21 12/11 1 PM 2:15 PM MW
SPAN 1010 NT First Year Spanish 1 08/21 12/11 Internet    
SPAN 1020 NT First Year Spanish 2 08/21 12/11 Internet    


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