Degrees & Certificates

We offer two different education pathways. For the student who is looking to work as a professional in the outdoor recreational field as a guide, interpreter, educator, manager, or director, this certificate is set up to be completed in one year and prepare the student with the knowledge and skills set to be successful.

For those students who plan to transfer to a four-year institute to continue to their education in the Outdoor Recreation field, the Associate of Outdoor Recreation is set up specifically for those students planning to further their education in Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Education, Wilderness Therapy, Tourism Management, and related degrees. As you earn your AS in Outdoor Recreation, you will learn technical and wilderness sills, while building confidence in leading groups in unique outdoor settings.

Associate of Science in: Outdoor Recreation

This program will provide the foundation to transfer to various four-year programs in Outdoor Recreation and related fields. For students who already have a four-year degree, this two-year program proves an area of concentration in Outdoor Recreation that enhances your marketability in various outdoor recreation occupation and prepares you to be successful. All OEAC and PEAC required for this program must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Degree Requirements

Wilderness Skills Certificate:

The Wilderness Skills certificate prepares students for professional opportunities in recreation and education. Students learn technical skills, risk management skills, pedagogy of education, business skills, while obtain nationally recognized certification in both wilderness first aid and leave no trace.

Certificate Requirements

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