Mining Maintenance Technology

The Mining Maintenance Technology program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the mining industry. The student will acquire the ability to troubleshoot, repair and maintain mining equipment because of training in mechanics, diesel technology, and hydraulics. The student will also receive training in related industrial technology courses. A graduate of this program with a one-year certificate or two-year degree can be a valuable asset to the mine maintenance field.

The Industrial Maintenance classes are hands-on class and therefore are not available on-line. We do however offer evening classes and can often work with shift work schedules.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will use a systematic and safe approach to identify the root cause of problems with industrial equipment, and develop a solution.
  • Students will identify concepts, principles, and maintenance of industrial equipment.
  • Students will demonstrate effective and appropriate communication techniques with peers, employees and supervisors.
  • Students will be able to deliver an organized oral presentation with a clear purpose, appropriate structure, sufficient evidence and content.

Why Choose Western?

  • The best program in Mining Maintenance in Wyoming.
  • 3 labs with over 6,000 sq ft offer many opportunities for hands-on training with actual equipment.
  • Needed in MULTIPLE industries: mining, energy, wind, power plants, and manufacturing.
  • Strong connections with local industries.
  • Learn alongside adult students who are employees in these industries because many industries send their employees to Western.[ Possible Job Titles of This Career]
  • The ONLY college in the state with a schedule that allows you to take 3-credit courses in 5-week blocks (Monday-Thursday) in 3 hour blocks; morning, afternoon, or evening blocks.
  • Take 2 courses during each 5 week block; Concentrate and learn only 2 subjects at a time.
  • Complete 18 credits in one semester.