photo of male and female behind desks and computers with the text: SECURE YOUR FUTURE!

The Associate of Applied Science Cybersecurity program and Cybersecurity Certificate are designed to prepare students for positions in the cybersecurity field.  The cybersecurity courses will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to understand security plans and policies, the importance of maintaining Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (the “CIA” of security), the relationship between privacy and security, operating system security, network security, defensive cyber techniques, offensive cyber techniques (to better understand how to defend systems and networks), and Cyber Security Operation Center roles and responsibilities.  The proposed program also includes several Computer Science and Information Systems courses to provide students with a deeper understanding of computer systems and networks as well as introduce them to programming concepts. 

man holding cybersecurity shield graphic in front of the text: HIGH PAY | HIGH DEMAND

Additionally, the program is designed to provide the knowledge the students will need in order to obtain the Security+ professional certification which is one of the best-known certifications in the field.