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The Computer Science (CS) program combines practical experience with current programming languages, together with a theoretical background in computer science. The program prepares students to transfer to a 4 year institution in Computer Science, or obtain a position in industry. The program covers instruction in the principles of computational science, computing theory, computer hardware and software design, computer development, programming and applications. Students will learn technical communication, teamwork skills to solve problems, develop professional knowledge, and skills in the computer science field. The career opportunities would include: Computer Programmers, Software Application Developers, Computer Systems Analysis, Database Administrator, Web Developer, and Computer User Support Specialist. In addition, the program offers certificates in specialized areas of study that can be earned in combination with a degree or in a stand-alone fashion separate from the degree.

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The Computer Science Endorsement is designed to address the needs of teachers who seek to deliver effective and engaging curricula in computer science and introduce computational thinking to K-12 students. The program provides teachers with the knowledge, skills and competencies to teach computer science concepts and computational thinking skills in the classroom. The program will also help teachers to develop their own developmentally appropriate curricula in computing for students in K-12 settings across disciplines.

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This certificate program is designed to prepare students for entry-level and/or advanced positions in the Information Technology industry with such titles as Web Designer, Web Developer, or Web Editor. Upon completion of coursework, the graduate will understand the history, evolution, and concepts of the Internet and World Wide Web; perform basic functional operations of the World Wide Web; understand the role of the Internet, Intranets, and Internet tools in business; and be able to plan, design, develop, and maintain interactive dynamic Web pages using current web scripting languages.

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