Western Wyoming Community College is a unique place where you can learn to challenge yourself in the pursuit of your future. The staff does a great job of bringing real world experience to the classroom. Experiences that will open your eyes to the real world and leave you feeling ready. While it is just a stepping stone on your path, I believe that it was a meaningful stepping stone on mine.Dylan Matlock
I was unsure what I wanted to go to college for at first. I thought about doing my generals but then learned that it is best to pick a degree to go into. After learning about business, I decided that was what I wanted to pursue my degree in. This program has been wonderful for me as I have been able to do it all from my computer wherever I am. This was a must-have for me as I still needed to be able to work and take care of my children. I have learned so many things from all my classes that I hope to take with me in my career to help me excel.Brittnay Garrison-Marsh
It took a lot of thought to choose my degree here at Western, I explored many degree options and even changed degrees once as well. Finally, I decided on a business degree and I could not be happier. A degree in business has still allowed me to explore a lot of different career fields and acquire numerous skills along the way. All of the courses improve your abilities broadly and encourage independence in any profession. Not to mention the business management professors are kind and always helpful. I would recommend a degree in business to anyone, especially those who are unclear on what major they want because it is so versatile.Mariah McDowell
Although I am not a business major, I decided to further challenge myself by taking business courses. The knowledge and tools I acquired during these courses will have a positive effect on my professional career. Faculty of the business program encourage the growth and success of their studentsNyha Portillo
I have taken classes from a couple different colleges and Western Wyoming Community College's business program is next to none. I have learned so much from these amazing professors and am so grateful for what they have taught me. I know I will be able to use it my whole life and know that I am well prepared for the business world.Rachel Staley
I started out as a business and accounting major, and about a year into my associates, I changed my major over to business management. As I have been taking many business classes, I have taken something from every class and use it in my day-to-day life. Each business class has been useful in my life to help me succeed at my job, and also in my relationships with others. Business uses a lot of interaction with people, respect, and understanding how the adult world is run. Because of these classes, I have been able to see how organizations complete their day-to-day work in order to improve as an organization. As I am shortly finishing my business management degree, I am continuing on in the business world for my bachelor's, and I know that I will be taking all the information gained through the business classes at Western.Hannah Davis
I have learned so much in the last few years about what path I was going to take when it came to my education. At the beginning of my journey, I was not happy with the major I picked. Luckily Western made it easy for me to finish what I started. After a long journey, I was able to pick this major because it included the classes I was truly passionate about. I always knew I wanted to major in business but there were so many business majors to choose from. After taking several breaks, and then finally deciding to go back to school, I was happy with my decision to continue my business education. The business program allows me to work on my personal work and life skills. Western has great instructors that make it easy for us to learn. Offering online classes makes it easy for me to do work after work hours. I can also contact my instructor and expect an answer in less than 24 hours. I like being able to count on people that genuinely care about my education. The business program has helped me in the real-life world and will continue to help me in the next chapter of my life.Trazy Vivanco
I was really indecisive on what college I wanted to attend to get my accounting degree. Now that I am about to finish up at Western Wyoming Community College, I am positive I made the right choice by starting here. The learning is so hands-on and personalized. I am very confident in myself to continue on to a 4-year now thanks to Western.Shelby Fletcher
I used to hesitate when I chose my major. But after two years of studying in the Western, I fully realized that I was right when I chose business. All the instructors in the Western business department are very patient and responsible in teaching the course. Two years of experience in business studies in the Western will provide a lot of help for my future education career.Tianyu Li
Deciding to change my major to Business was probably the best decisions for my education. In the beginning of my college career, I was a Wildlife Biology major. At the beginning, I thought it would be great. Getting to be in the outdoors all day, and doing what I love. But looking into it, talking to Wildlife Biologist asking them how the industry is, they said, it's a great place to be, but getting the job is the hardest thing in this field. So with that being a deciding factor, I decided to change my major to Business. With the idea of business, the business degree is one of the most flexible degrees. It can get you anywhere. That was really a deciding factor. A business degree can get you a job in an office, in the mines here in Sweetwater County, or even become a firefighter, with the city of Rock Springs. That last one really stands out to me because I work for Sweetwater County Fire Department. With that, I think going the route of business is one of greatest routes you could ever choose for your college career!Tanner Varndell
I was able to gain a lot of new knowledge that I did not learn in high school by receiving the business program of this college. I gained the knowledge that I will need in the future, such as insurance and investment by taking finance class. I would use this knowledge when purchasing various finance, insurance, investment products. I think there are a lot of basic level programs that I can get at this school, and it is very important to take more higher-level classes. In addition, it was a very good experience that I could hear other students' opinions.Rumi Saruwatari
Western is a nice college in my perspective. The education for business here is a very good system. The teachers know exactly what to teach according to me. This will help me a lot throughout my major. The teachers also interact with their students to help them feel the real life experience of business instead of just being a class that you have to pass.Adrian Ancaya Asencios
As a student at Western, I am a communication major interested in journalism. I decided to take a business class, because I wanted to learn more about business and the ways I could use that in my own major. The marketing class at Western really helped me understand a different perspective of journalism and how we can use marketing in a communication field. It's really important to understand the marketing side of journalism, because it can help us with advertising and other marketing tools that might be necessary for a journalism career. This class helped me learn a lot and I really enjoyed taking it.Mariza Salguero Rivera
Deciding to pursue my business degree in Western Wyoming Community College is a good choice for my life and I hope that my bright future will come from Western. Marketing course expanded my mind in business, creativity, and helped me to know what really needed to start a business and the major importance of it. I will practice what I learned in Western all my whole life.Donatha Mahoro
To get a business degree in college is very challenging for international students. I was not confident if I would be able to do well in the business major before I came to Western. But the business department of Western Wyoming Community College has given me a lot of help. They have lighted up my future.Hanae Shiraki
The business management program at Western has been both challenging and rewarding and has offered an opportunity for me to keep up with, or set myself apart from, my peers. The flexibility of taking online classes has made working toward my degree achievable while also having a full-time job. With a little hard work and commitment, but not to the point of being overwhelmed, I will be able to finish this program and continue to grow and increase my value as an individual in Sweetwater County's workforce.Joseph Kight

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