English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) is for non-native English speakers wanting help understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the English language. Become more integrated into society by learning about American culture, customs and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  There are two programs 1) Free classes 2) College Certificate program. Our program also offers a Civics course to assist students with the Citizenship test.


image of Laura Chew
Laura Chew
ESL Instructor
Office: 1414
Phone: Phone: 307-382-1726

I have been an ESL (English as a Second Language)/ABE (Adult Basic Education)/HSEC (High School Equivalency) instructor for College and Career Readiness at Western since 2002, however, in summer 2016, I was promoted to full-time faculty position of Instructor of Developmental Studies. As such, I continue to instruct adults in college in the college credit and non-credit classes which are offered through College and Career Readiness. My philosophy of teaching adults begins first and foremost with the idea that education is critically important for everyone. Education leads to having more options and making better choices in life. One very important role for me as an instructor is to explain this philosophy to learners through real life experiences, both theirs and mine, and to regularly relate the how and why of learning new information and skills in the classroom to real world situations. A second crucial instructional role for me is to foster a learning environment where students feel relaxed yet challenged, and where it is understood that the responsibility for learning belongs to them. Adults will work hard and persevere through difficult topics especially when they have ownership in their educational processes. My goals as an instructor are to encourage my students to be autonomous life-long learners and critical disseminators of knowledge and to provide these students with the tools necessary to achieve these ideals. My husband and I were lifelong residents of the east coast until we moved to Rock Springs in 2001 when my husband, Bud accepted a full-time faculty position in the Biology department at Western. We enjoy living in the west, and our hobbies include hiking with our dogs, playing golf, and traveling in our RV.


image of Josefina Testini
Josefina Testini
ESL Classroom Assistant
Office: 2051
Phone: Phone: 307-382-1829

I am originally from Venezuela in South America, but now I am a US citizen. I started working in the College and Career Readiness lab in 2000 and am bilingual in English and Spanish. I work with ESL, ABE and ASE students. My primary duties are grading, testing language levels, tracking attendance, translating, administering language computer programs, and more. When I am not working, I enjoy: listening to music, cooking, Zumba, and walking.​

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