STEM programs at Western include a diverse collection of disciplines that seek to better understand the world through observation and experimentation.  Our programs prepare students for rewarding, high-demand careers that are well-compensated in exciting and challenging fields. 

  • The Natural Sciences program at Western teaches students to think critically, collect and analyze data, report findings, and have the opportunity to master a range of techniques and instrumentation. 
  • The Engineering pathway provides a firm foundation in physics and core engineering curriculum, allowing students to transfer seamlessly to most four-year institutions and to apply strong scientific skills to solve real-world problems.   
  • Computer Science is a fast-growing area providing students with knowledge of technology that is needed to manage the needs of today’s businesses. 
  • The unique and personalized learning environment for Exercise Science students at Western rivals that of a major university.  Students leave with an average of 320 practicum hours, experience in screening, fitness testing, group fitness teaching, training one on one, and leadership experience.   
  •  Western’s Nursing Program is a nationally recognized, rigorous program that produces high-achieving graduates whose work is regularly recognized as being excellent in their career. 
  • Outdoor Recreation degree and certificate will provide students with practical knowledge and skills to use in the outdoor recreation sector. The curriculum is hands-on and students will apply knowledge from the classroom to the field.