Arts and Social Science

Share your passion with the world! Programs in the Arts and Social Sciences prepare individuals with skills that all professionals need to be competitive both in these chosen fields and in related professions as well. Communications, Social Science, and Visual and Performing Arts provide vast opportunities for your future. 


Our world is based on communication. The Communication Program will prepare you to effectively reach out to those around you whether through speech, print, social media, or design. Students in this program will learn the theoretical and practical perspectives of communication that are necessary and vital skills to be successful in a diverse and global society and economy.  

Social Sciences:  

The Social Science are a collection of disciplines that study and work with societies and the relationships of individuals within societies. The Departments of Anthropology, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Work provide students with the opportunity to study human behavior from a variety of different perspectives and prepare for a variety of professions. Emphasizing both empirical research and applied studies, these departments give students the opportunity for both classroom learning as well as hand-on experiences, such as internships and actual research opportunities under the mentorship of faculty members.  

Visual and Performing Arts: 

If you enjoy being creative whether through your voice, instrument, design, movement, or images, then a degree in the Visual & Performing Arts is for you. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or have been working on your art for years, our programs are designed to allow students to develop at the pace that is right for them. Our small course sizes allow students to work closely with faculty on the development of skills. Creating a friendly and safe atmosphere allows students to feel more confident to make bold decisions. Students participate in shows, plays, and concerts every year, which helps build their resume and makes them attractive potential students if they choose to transfer. Here, attitude is everything. If you are prepared to work hard and love what you do, then we are eager to welcome you aboard. 


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