Articulation Agreements

A college articulation agreement is a formal agreement between two educational institutions, typically between a community college or a two-year college and a four-year college or university. It outlines the transfer of credits from the community college to the four-year institution, allowing students to smoothly transition from one institution to the other without losing academic progress.

Articulation agreements are designed to facilitate the transfer process for students who complete a certain set of courses or an associate degree at the community college and wish to continue their education at a four-year college or university. The agreement specifies which courses from the community college are considered equivalent to courses at the four-year institution, ensuring that credits earned at the community college will be recognized and accepted by the receiving institution.

These agreements help students save time and money by avoiding the duplication of coursework. They provide a clear pathway for students to follow, ensuring that their credits are transferable and count towards their desired bachelor's degree program. Articulation agreements can also include provisions for guaranteed admission or priority consideration for students who meet specific requirements.

In addition to credit transfer, articulation agreements may also cover other aspects such as admission requirements, program prerequisites, and GPA criteria. They are typically developed through collaboration between faculty and administrators from both institutions to ensure the alignment of curriculum and learning outcomes.

By establishing articulation agreements, colleges and universities aim to promote educational access, mobility, and seamless transitions for students seeking to pursue higher education. These agreements provide a roadmap for students to achieve their academic goals and make the transfer process more efficient and transparent.

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