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Western's IT Department work together to build computers to distribute to students in need.

The College is stepping up to challenges of COVID-19 and its impact on students, employees, and the community. 

Western Wyoming Community College has been working diligently to keep its students, employees, and community safe amidst the present COVID-19 concerns. 

Social distancing plays a key part in keeping communities healthy, and Western has implemented several practices to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. 

To ensure learning outcomes are not compromised, Western’s faculty are transitioning most courses online. The College’s Online Learning program is ranked number one in Wyoming, as well as ranked number one for affordability in the state, and therefore Western is confident in making the transition to online learning.

Most of Western’s students will move out of the Residence Halls and return to their homes, completing the remainder of their coursework via online learning. The few students who were unable to return home, such as some of the international students, were granted an exception and will remain in on-campus housing, under a distancing structure. Western’s dining hall, Mitchell’s, will continue to provide the on-campus students with meals via a Grab-and-Go form to practice distancing. 

Western’s IT Department has been in communication with students in need and are building computers to distribute to the students who don’t have access to suitable technology during this transition. In conjunction with the IT Department’s efforts, Western employees have stepped up to deliver the computers door-to-door. 

“I am really proud of the dedication and commitment my team has to the Students and Employees of Western Wyoming Community College. Our goal is to make sure everyone can stay connected through these tough weeks and come out as a stronger community in the face of adversity,” said Derek Robinson, Director of Information Technology Services. 

“Two Internet Service Providers have responded to our proposal for student connectivity assistance. All West Communications is providing free Internet service to students and Visionary Broadband is providing services at a reduced charge. Both of these companies are here to help our students in a great time of need and for that, we are forever grateful”, said Robinson.

Western employees and volunteers have come together to provide students with the technology they need - even delivering computers to students’ homes. 

Though the nation faces adversity amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to note the way our communities are coming together to support one another. Western is doing its best to work with its students, employees, and community to ensure the safest possible outcomes, without sacrificing students’ quality of education. 

For questions regarding COVID-19 in relation to Western, please email safety@westernwyoming.edu

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