2023 Mustang Awards

Mustang Awards is an opportunity to congratulate our students and faculty who have made significant achievements in education, leadership roles, and academic awards.

Outstanding Graduates:

Picture of Niki Bell
Niki Bell
Outstanding Graduate 2022-2023
The Outstanding Graduate is selected by a committee each year. This year, a committee of 8 employees, that included Administrators, Professionals, Faculty, and Staff from multiple areas of campus. The nomination criteria and scoring rubric consists of the students involvement on campus, leadership roles, positive impact on other students, and their ability to positively represent Western in the future.

Some things her nominator said: “Niki is a student athlete, representing Western as a leader on the women’s soccer team. She is highly competitive on the field and in the classroom. She has been a math tutor at the Peer Tutor Center for four semesters now and has helped many students and her teammates from Beginning Algebra through Calculus III. She has been active in numerous campus events, and it seems like she has always been doing something for the college with other students. She led the initiative to have Calculus III offered in Spring 2023 since it was not going to be offered. The positive impact she has made on Calculus I, II and III classes while a student is unmeasurable. She has been a positive force in class, and she has made her classmates and her instructor better. She is actively recruiting students for the college for the future and always talks positively. She wears her Western uniform with pride, especially when she is throwing a few elbows on the soccer field. She will represent Western well at whatever university she decides to transfer to.”

Picture of Aelx Riley
Alex Riley
Outstanding Graduate 2022-2023
The Outstanding Graduate is selected by a committee each year. This year, a committee of 8 employees, that included Administrators, Professionals, Faculty, and Staff from multiple areas of campus. The nomination criteria and scoring rubric consists of the students involvement on campus, leadership roles, positive impact on other students, and their ability to positively represent Western in the future.

Some things her nominators said: “Alex has served in multiple leadership positions during her time here at Western. First, she has served as a Student Ambassador which has afforded her the opportunity to give campus tours, help Mustang Central with events, and welcome students, employees, and community members at the Information Desk. Alex has also served as a member of the Student Government Association (SGA), as well as being elected to serve as Vice President last Spring semester and being elected as President this year. In these positions, she has led and mentored the members of SGA through the self-governance process and helped them understand the importance of representing the student body. Something she started this year as SGA President was the weekly “Mondays with Alex” social media campaign to help inform students of the upcoming events for the week. She also serves other students as a peer tutor for accounting and economics classes. She is intelligent, extremely friendly and has an excellent work ethic. And beyond her involvement outside the classroom, she is also an excellent student.”

Picture of Victoria Watkins
Victoria Watkins
Outstanding Graduate 2022-2023
The Outstanding Graduate is selected by a committee each year. This year, a committee of 8 employees, that included Administrators, Professionals, Faculty, and Staff from multiple areas of campus. The nomination criteria and scoring rubric consists of the students involvement on campus, leadership roles, positive impact on other students, and their ability to positively represent Western in the future.

Some things her nominators said: “In addition to her academic accomplishments in Nursing, Victoria has been an active participant in several extracurricular activities, including serving as Vice President and President of the Student Nurse Association. She has led the club’s many community service endeavors including providing personal care items for the elderly, providing coats for children and adults, and even providing relief items for nurses who were exhausted from caring for patients during the pandemic. She is a natural leader who inspires those around her with her enthusiasm, positivity, and dedication. Victoria has maintained a high GPA and this is a testament to her intelligence, diligence, and passion for learning. She makes a true connection with her patients and embodies both the art and science of nursing. Beyond being a busy and successful student, she is also a mother who is very active in her children’s’ lives and activities.”

For the full story, view the press release on Outstanding Graduates

Dual Student of the Year:

Quincy Stewart stands with plaque surrounded by Dr. Bernadine Craft, Dr. Kim Dale, Ms. Kelly McGovern, and Alex Schumacher.
Skylynn Harmon, Black Butte High School
Dual Student of the Year - Western Wyoming Community College. Harmon is graduating from high school with 48 college credits from Western.
The goal of Western's Dual and Concurrent program is to provide high school students a head-start, and better prepare them to transition to college or the workplace after high school. Students can explore their options prior to enrolling as a full-time college student and still have the structural support of their high school. All Wyoming students have access to dual and concurrent enrollment at no cost to the student thanks to Sweetwater BOCES.

Innovative Educators of the Year:

This award recognizes instructors who go above and beyond in creating excellent learning experiences to Western’s students. Nominees are individuals who exemplify great instructor characteristics and provide Western students with high quality, student centered, and active learning opportunities.   For 2023, the following professors were recognized at an employee banquet:

Richard Ackerman
Instructor of Electrical & Instrumentation Technology

Stephen Schutten
Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics

Honor Roll - Spring 2023

Adkison, Eilana Reliance, WY
Anderson, Ian Rock Springs, WY
Anderson, Oliver Rock Springs, WY
Anderson, Sara Grace, ID
Archuletta, Shenan Rock Springs, WY
Asper, Erral Rock Springs, WY
Barton-Stewart, Rebecca Rock Springs, WY
Bell, Nikaila South Weber, UT
Bertagnolli, Victoria Rock Springs, WY
Bindl, Brooke Fort Bridger, WY
Birch, Ashelynn Green River, WY
Bitters, Alexander Rock Springs, WY
Bradley, Meghan Rock Springs, WY
Brown, Lindsey Rock Springs, WY
Busby, Kaleb Rock Springs, WY
Cecil, Tricia Rock Springs, WY
Cheney, Savannah Rock Springs, WY
Clawson, Parker Rock Springs, WY
Click, Kaleb Rock Springs, WY
Cloward, Hayley Green River, WY
Corsi, Kortni Afton, WY
Coy, Ethan Kimberly, ID
Cozad, Rikki Rock Springs, WY
Crawford, Felicia Green River, WY
Davidson, Sara Rock Springs, WY
Davis, James Green River, WY
Davis, Grace Pinedale, WY
Doxey, Abigail Hyde Park, UT
Edman, Claire Rock Springs, WY
Fernandez, Zoe Rock Springs, WY
French, Davan Rock Springs, WY
Froman, Timothy Rock Springs, WY
Gilbertson, Cory Lyman, WY
Goff, Rachel Rock Springs, WY
Gomez, Brittany Green River, WY
Gonzalez, Orlando Rock Springs, WY
Granthem, Emma Lehi, UT
Griffiths, Jace Green River, WY
Hamblin, Candy Evanston, WY
Harmon, Casey Rock Springs, WY
Hautala, Hailey Rock Springs, WY
Hautala, Abby Rock Springs, WY
Hensley, Karson Rock Springs, WY
Hess, Barrick Rock Springs, WY
Howes, Preston Afton, WY
Jacobsen, Derek Rock Springs, WY
Jacobson, Danyell Rock Springs, WY
Johnson, Lachlan Afton, WY
Jurado, Karla Rock Springs, WY
Kautzman, Zoe Rock Springs, WY
Kelley, Samantha Rock Springs, WY
Kelly, Christian Kemmerer, WY
Kertz, Morgan Lyman, WY
Lampert, Ryan Rock Springs, WY
Levengood, Paizley Kemmerer, WY
Lowell, Lucy Rock Springs, WY
Maynard, Cade Rock Springs, WY
McDermott, Wyatt Thermopolis, WY
Mei, Andy Rock Springs, WY
Moody, Chase Rock Springs, WY
Nations, Dashaela Rock Springs, WY
Neff, Marlene Green River, WY
Nelson, Ethan Afton, WY
Nichik, Peter Rock Springs, WY
Niemoth, Celeste Rock Springs, WY
Olsen, Brian Rock Springs, WY
Ortiz, Aaron Kemmerer, WY
Parker, Marlan Green River, WY
Prettyman, Summer Rock Springs, WY
Razo, Itzayana Evanston, WY
Revelli, Haley Rock Springs, WY
Reynolds, Forbes Green River, WY
Ricks, Bridger Perry, UT
Runnion, Aiden Kemmerer, WY
Salas, Isabell Green River, WY
Schulthess, Kathryn Kemmerer, WY
Searle, Spencer Rawlins, WY
Seitz, Alexander Mountain View, WY
Shereda, Jaron Green River, WY
Sherwin, Gregory Green River, WY
Sikora, Kaley Franktown, CO
Starner, Jerry Rock Springs, WY
Stewart, Tara Rock Springs, WY
Tanaka, Hana Fukuoka, 
Thomas, Alexis Evanston, WY
Thomson, Catherine Pinedale, WY
Thornton, Leiana Kahului, HI
Tomich, Jason Rock Springs, WY
Tomich, Stan Rock Springs, WY
Turner, Allyson Rock Springs, WY
Villarreal, Juan Point of Rocks, WY
Weaver, Kenisten Roosevelt, UT
Wilcox, Ava Providence, UT
Witte, Samuel Green River, WY
Woodruff, Tony Rock Springs, WY
Abram, Aspen Rock Springs, WY
Aguilar, Crystal Rock Springs, WY
Alldredge, Cadence Rock Springs, WY
Alldredge, Saige Rock Springs, WY
Allen, Jean Rawlins, WY
Alvarado, Osvaldo Rock Springs, WY
Anderson, Wyatt Lyman, WY
Anderson, Raegan Lyman, WY
Andrews, Holden Gunnison, CO
Archibald, Emmie Green River, WY
Atkinson, Timothy Rock Springs, WY
Aullman, Kyler Afton, WY
Bae, Benjamin Rock Springs, WY
Bailey, Lillyn Liberty, UT
Barnes, Emilee Green River, WY
Barnes, Cole Rock Springs, WY
Bennion, Kambria Grover, WY
Berg, McKayla Lyman, WY
Blom, Tamryn Casper, WY
Boahene, Ignes Rock Springs, WY
Boice, Kristina Rock Springs, WY
Botz, Zoe Rock Springs, WY
Brandt-Laney, Cameron Rock Springs, WY
Brewer, Denise Rawlins, WY
Broom, Esther Bountiful, UT
Brough, Samantha Rock Springs, WY
Brown, Lexus Afton, WY
Burton, Cindy Rock Springs, WY
Cain, Jeremy Cedar City, UT
Cantlin, Ethan Mountain View, WY
Cantlin, Alysa Mountain View, WY
Cassel, Kristina Rock Springs, WY
Christensen, Cash Rock Springs, WY
Clark, Larry Descanso, CA
Coburn, Dylan Rock Springs, WY
Coburn, Jax Marysvale, UT
Cohen, Daniel Heber City, UT
Condos, Trever Rock Springs, WY
Conover, Bradyn Rock Springs, WY
Curtis, Emma Rock Springs, WY
Curtis, Madelynn Evanston, WY
Davenport, Demetrius Rock Springs, WY
Davidson, Rhett Rock Springs, WY
De la Torre, Eduardo Rock Springs, WY
Denney, Glenis Cody, WY
DeVree, Lillie Rock Springs, WY
Diaz, Andrew Rock Springs, WY
Douglass, Sefton Lyman, WY
Eason, Harlie Green River, WY
Eastman, Kaden Green River, WY
Ellison, Shane Rock Springs, WY
Emden, Cassandra Rock Springs, WY
Erickson, Colton Woods Cross, UT
Escobedo, Erik Saratoga, WY
Fernandez, Addyson Rock Springs, WY
Fleetwood, Robert Rawlins, WY
Floyd, Logan Rock Springs, WY
French, Kaydence Evanston, WY
Fry, Tanya Rock Springs, WY
Fryer, Brayden Mountain View, WY
Galley, Mark Green River, WY
Gamoke, Geraldine Rock Springs, WY
Garcia, Gabriel Rock Springs, WY
Garrison, Tanner Rock Springs, WY
Garver, Matthew Green River, WY
Gomez, Skylee Green River, WY
Gonzalez, Fernanda Rock Springs, WY
Grajeda, Gabriela Green River, WY
Graley, Alana Kemmerer, WY
Gross, Hunter Mountain View, WY
Guffey, Ashlynn Rock Springs, WY
Gunduz, Ceyda Rock Springs, WY
Guymon, Daniel Rock Springs, WY
Haliburton, Krystal Rock Springs, WY
Hancock, Kierra Evanston, WY
Harmon, Travis Laramie, WY
Harris, Emily Kemmerer, WY
Harrison, Alicia Green River, WY
Hart, Kalaysia Evanston, WY
Hawkins, Marquel Evanston, WY
Heatherman, Kelli Green River, WY
Henderson, Corinne Morgan, UT
Hernandez, Ashley Green River, WY
Hernandez, Ashley Rawlins, WY
Hobbs, IylieMae Elk Mountain, WY
Hogge, McCall Liberty, UT
Hosford, Kylee Green River, WY
Howe, Nicholas Rock Springs, WY
Hughes, Nicholas Rock Springs, WY
Huitt, Curtis Rock Springs, WY
Hunt-Nicodemus, Ashlee Big Piney, WY
Hurdsman, Audrey Robertson, WY
Ibeneme, Blessing Maputo, 
Irene, Bryan Green River, WY
Islas Sanchez, Jose Rock Springs, WY
Johnson, Jocelyn Evanston, WY
Jones, Hagan Farson, WY
Kauchich, Hunter Rock Springs, WY
Keil, Jackson Sterling, CO
Kendall, Rylee Rock Springs, WY
Kennah, Abigail Green River, WY
Kinyon, Adam Rock Springs, WY
Knaphus, Haleigh Rock Springs, WY
Kopp, Easton Rock Springs, WY
Landsverk, Julia Etna, WY
Larson, Adam Rock Springs, WY
Leavitt, Kasia Rock Springs, WY
Leavitt, Rylee Kemmerer, WY
Leonhardt, Kelsy Rock Springs, WY
Lott, Anastasia Rock Springs, WY
Luck, Kyle Green River, WY
Lupher, Dane Mountain View, WY
Madsen, Owen Afton, WY
Magana, Cesar Green River, WY
Martinez, Monica Rock Springs, WY
McPhee, Edward Denver, CO
Mecham, Kirill Grantsville, UT
Medina, Adrian Rock Springs, WY
Mei, Tony Rock Springs, WY
Merkley, Abigail Farson, WY
Meyer, Katrina Rock Springs, WY
Mignerey, Kiera Rock Springs, WY
Miller, Jayden Chinook, MT
Mitchell, Devin Rock Springs, WY
Mitchelson, Lain Rock Springs, WY
Moneyhun, Alyx Rock Springs, WY
Montoya, Savannah Rock Springs, WY
Murray, Allison Rock Springs, WY
Nations, Dillon Rock Springs, WY
Navarro, Emily Green River, WY
Nelson, Carla Rock Springs, WY
Nettik, Molly Rock Springs, WY
Newcomb, Andrew Denali Park, AK
Nibert, Ashlyn Weatherford, TX
Nield, Jayden Afton, WY
Nielsen, Olivia Green River, WY
Obrien, Guadalupe Rock Springs, WY
Oehler, Stephanie Fort Bridger, WY
Olson, Ryan Rock Springs, WY
Owens, Morgan Green River, WY
Panzer, Conner Rock Springs, WY
Parker, John Rock Springs, WY
Payan, David Rock Springs, WY
Pham , Phuong Rock Springs, WY
Phelps, Cody Pinedale, WY
Pizarro, Jesus Rock Springs, WY
Pruden, Grace Sandy, UT
Rall, Enshawntae Rock Springs, WY
Randall, Misty Rock Springs, WY
Reed, Zander Farson, WY
Reyes, Claudia Green River, WY
Riley, Alexandra Rock Springs, WY
Riter, Jesse Rock Springs, WY
Ritter, Brittany Kemmerer, WY
Roberts, Kelli Boulder, WY
Robles, Enrique Rock Springs, WY
Rock, Michael Lyman, WY
Roice, Dalen Rock Springs, WY
Roper, Estephania Green River, WY
Ross, Kelly Rock Springs, WY
Sanchez, Caden Green River, WY
Sandoval, Christopher Rock Springs, WY
Sant, Joseph Rock Springs, WY
Seppie, Tasha Rock Springs, WY
Shaklee, Cadon Rock Springs, WY
Shuler, Rachel Rock Springs, WY
Skinner, Sierra Rawlins, WY
Sleight, Valerie Rock Springs, WY
Smith, Jacob Eden, WY
Smith, Zackery Rock Springs, WY
Smith, Maggie Rock Springs, WY
Smoot, Christian North Salt Lake, UT
Solano, Lorenzo Rock Springs, WY
Spicer, Jeran Rock Springs, WY
Spicer, Mia Rock Springs, WY
Stephens, Haily Lonetree, WY
Swasey, Levi Green River, WY
Torres, Kaitlinn Evanston, WY
Tucker, Dayisha Green River, WY
Tuttle, Austyn Rawlins, WY
Vasquez, Brandy Rock Springs, WY
Vitanza, Angelina Pinedale, WY
Wales, Trista Rock Springs, WY
Walton, Colter Evanston, WY
Ware, Trenton Rock Springs, WY
Weber, Nicole Rock Springs, WY
White, Brookelynn Cheyenne, WY
Williams, Brian Lyman, WY
Williams, Heather Green River, WY
Williams, Emmalee Rock Springs, WY
Winkler, Aubrie Fort Bridger, WY
Wood, Blake Kemmerer, WY
Yaezenko, Lindsey Rock Springs, WY
Yenney, Mason Rock Springs, WY
Yoak, Madison Green River, WY
Zazueta, Alexa Evanston, WY
Zuck, Laci Rock Springs, WY
Aguayo, Heather Rock Springs, WY
Alatorre, Alexa Green River, WY
Alvarado-Godina, Leslie Rock Springs, WY
Anaya, Sara Big Piney, WY
Anderson, Ashley Rock Springs, WY
Bailey, Madison Twin Falls, ID
Beck, Katelin Green River, WY
Boglino - Mercer, Tamara Mountain View, WY
Bromley, Allison Encampment, WY
Burgess, Trysta Evanston, WY
Burnham, Kaitlyn Mountain View, WY
Calendas, Daniel Rock Springs, WY
Carmine, Krystal Rock Springs, WY
Chatterley, Dylan Rock Springs, WY
Christiansen, Emma Green River, WY
Clark, Courtney Green River, WY
Cochrun, Raygan Green River, WY
Cooney, Jeanette Cora, WY
Cordova, Braxton Green River, WY
Cozzens, Sophia Rock Springs, WY
Cozzens, Hallie Rock Springs, WY
Croft, Zachary Rock Springs, WY
Davies, Mary Rock Springs, WY
Debernardi, Emily Rock Springs, WY
DeRosas, Gavin Evanston, WY
Derosas, Alyssa Evanston, WY
Dietz, Evan Cokeville, WY
Drinkle, Allysa  Green River, WY
Eastman, Reese Green River, WY
Edwards, Aliya Rawlins, WY
Ferreira, Hugo Vila Nova de Gaia, 
Fischer, Ryan Green River, WY
Forbush, Morgen Rock Springs, WY
Fox, Danniel Kemmerer, WY
Fox, Taycie Green River, WY
Friel, Zachary Green River, WY
Garcia, Lizette Rawlins, WY
Garwood, Jenna Rawlins, WY
Godfrey, Samuel Evanston, WY
Gomez, Malea Green River, WY
Green, Brinley Rawlins, WY
Griffin, Heather Big Piney, WY
Hagge, Lillian Kemmerer, WY
Hanks, Oaklee Green River, WY
Hansen, Karson Rock Springs, WY
Harmon, Skylynn Rock Springs, WY
Henry, Krishana Rawlins, WY
Hernandez, Gustavo Rock Springs, WY
Herwaldt, Brandon Green River, WY
Hill, Tyden Lyman, WY
Hinkle, Lydia Dubois, WY
Hope, Katelynn Mountain View, WY
Hunsaker, Brynn Rock Springs, WY
Hurlock, Haley Gilbert, AZ
Jamison, Lillian Kemmerer, WY
Jenks, Colby Big Piney, WY
Jensen, Wyatt Ft Bridger, WY
Jones, Madison Green River, WY
Jones, Sydney Farson, WY
Jones, Brandon La Barge, WY
Kolschefsky, Chance Casper, WY
Kurth, Laural Green River, WY
Laabs, Katie Rock Springs, WY
Lamorie, Shanndan Rock Springs, WY
Larson, Mara Riverton, WY
Layne, Paige Rock Springs, WY
Leffers, James Green River, WY
Lehmann, Alexis Farson, WY
Lewman, Tonya Rawlins, WY
Lindsey, Xander Green River, WY
Love, Lexi Green River, WY
Lovelady, Bentley Grover, WY
Lubbers, Sierra Rawlins, WY
Lucero, Edward Green River, WY
Lytle, James Afton, WY
Marcy, Addison Rock Springs, WY
Mascorro, Juan Rawlins, WY
May, Hallie Rock Springs, WY
McBride, Cherise Evanston, WY
McBurnett, Carter Rock Springs, WY
Meyers, Andrea Pilesgrove, NJ
Mikesell, Jessalyn Rawlins, WY
Miner, Lindsay Randolph, UT
Mitchell, Jackson Green River, WY
Mitchell, Nathan Green River, WY
Morrill, Landen Rock Springs, WY
Nacey, Presley Rock Springs, WY
Nellen, Robert Kemmerer, WY
Nitschke, Eva Rawlins, WY
Palinek, Jayci Rock Springs, WY
Park, HanMi Rock Springs, WY
Patik, Emma Casper, WY
Peraza Arce, Gabriela Rock Springs, WY
Potter, Dorathea Green River, WY
Prater, Neely Pinedale, WY
Proa, Brissa Rock Springs, WY
Purcell, James Evanston, WY
Rainey, Olivia Thayne, WY
Rasmussen, Helen Riverton, WY
Roberts, Ella Rock Springs, WY
Roberts, Brinley Lyman, WY
Robinson-Kim, Mi Rock Springs, WY
Rogers, Rena Rock Springs, WY
Rosas, Mia Green River, WY
Ruckard, Zion Aurora, CO
Rushing, Matthew Green River, WY
Sabin, Angela Rock Springs, WY
Salinas, Aidan Mountain View, WY
Schamber, Scott Clementon, NJ
Schumacher, Pamela Midvale, UT
Seilbach, Taylor Rock Springs, WY
Sheets, Olivia Green River, WY
Sheldon, Korra Green River, WY
Sholey, Thomas Rock Springs, WY
Sleight, Natalie Rock Springs, WY
Smith, Wesley Rock Springs, WY
Stanton, Chevy Green River, WY
Stanton, Ella Green River, WY
Stephens, Timothy Rock Springs, WY
Stoddard, Dalton Kemmerer, WY
Stotts, Simeon Farson, WY
Strauss, Kayde Green River, WY
Strauss, Brianna Green River, WY
Stubbs, David Kemmerer, WY
Taylor, Rochelle Green River, WY
Tirrell, Taylon Green River, WY
Toomey, Valarie Rock Springs, WY
Valerio, Vanessa Granger, WY
Vergara, Abram Green River, WY
Vierig, Dakota Cokeville, WY
Vigil, Addie Afton, WY
VonRembow, James Rock Springs, WY
Wagstaff, Makenzie Afton, WY
Ward, Heather Rawlins, WY
Ward, Rayce Hanna, WY
Wasseen, Isabelle Rock Springs, WY
Watkins, Victoria Rock Springs, WY
Webb, Kassidi Rock Springs, WY
Welling, ShanDee Evanston, WY
Westenskow, Lydia Green River, WY
Wheeler, Kourtni Rock Springs, WY
Wheeler, Dakotta Rock Springs, WY
Williams, Marilee Saratoga, WY
Wilson, Christopher Green River, WY
Woodward, Taytem Rock Springs, WY
Young, Brady Green River, WY
Zarate, Kenia Green River, WY

Western Student Leader Groups 

Alexandra Riley - SGA President, Jocelyn Johnson - SGA Vice President, Jacey Webb - Secretary, Jennifer Ramos - Treasurer, Andy Mei - Senate Speaker, Aimee Skaggs - CAB Coordinator, Richard Buckson, Tegan Conover, Perla Covarrubias, Callee Hill, Samantha McGee, Cole Barnes, Lachlan Johnson, Abigail Doxey, Ashley Delgadillo, Bradyn Conover, Evin Hansen, Jayson Klepper, Tyler Camphouse, Willow LaRocco

Jaxon Peacock- Head Resident Assistant, Ethan Coy- Lead Resident Assistant, Olivia Nielsen- Lead Resident Assistant. Richard Buckson, Aubrie Winkler, Raven Heaton, Samantha McGee, Abbigail Alvord, Angelina Vitanza, Bradyn Conover, Jocelyn Johnson, Kyler Hurdsman, Rylee Leavitt, Tariq Kembo.  

Aimee Skaggs - Student Ambassador Team Lead, Alex Riley, Callee Hill, Crystal Aguilar, Hunter Gross, Jayson Klepper, Kyler Hurdsman, Maria Elsen, Richard Buckson, Tegan Conover, Tyler Camphouse, Willow LaRocco

Phi Theta Kappa

Sigma Ki Chapter - Western Wyoming Community College

Haruka Aoki

Shae Bardsley

Eleanor Barry

Joshua Dollar

Duncan Elder

Wyatt Fletcher

Noah Harris

Kaitlyn Hiatt

Regina Hoogendoorn

Nana Ito

Shawn Keller

Yuki Kondo

Shanndan Lamorie

Norma Moreno

Brittany Pope

Whitney Prior

Prince Shyaka

Abigail Soliday

Akiho Tokuda

Allyson Turner

Amanda Valles

Jorja Warembourg

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