You will need to apply (part of the admissions application), pay your housing deposit ($150) and submit your immunizations: MMR (2 doses) and Meningitis (must be done after age 16).

You must be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 hours. (Can be Western classes or classes from articulated programs from another college)

Yes! Proof of marriage is required. Both residents will have to complete the housing application process, One resident must be a full-time student, the other must take at least one credit hour at Western. Children are not allowed to live in residence halls.

Yes! You must complete a “Pet Approval Form” (available at Mustang Central). There are no dogs, cats, snakes, wild animals, arachnids or insects allowed as pets. The pet must be cared for properly. All tanks must be smaller than 10 gallons whether full or not. The pet owner is responsible for any cleaning charges that may occur. All decisions concerning pets are made by the Coordinator of Housing.

Yes! All ADA requests need to be addressed with the Wellbeing & Accessibility Office at 307-382-1652 or Room 1227.

Yes, if the guest is of the same gender and you have approval from your roommate(s). The guest needs to register with the Resident Assistant before 7pm the evening of the stay, and can stay no more than 3 nights. All overnight guests must be at least twelve years old.

Cohabitation is not permitted.

Western provides plenty of free parking for students.  There is no parking in handicap (without proper credentials), fire lanes or other marked spots. Western does ticket and tow via the Rock Springs Police Department. Multiple and/or constant disregard of parking rules will lead to conduct discipline. Only housing residents are allowed to park in residence halls lots. Resident vehicles must have a visible campus parking sticker. Stickers can be obtained for free in Mustang Central. All vehicles must be registered and in operable condition, and large vehicles (RV, trailers, boats ….) may be accommodated with prior approval.

Yes! The extent of how much you can cook depends on which style of room you live in though. All cooking is allowed in kitchen units, while microwave cooking only is permitted in non-kitchen units. Buildings with non-kitchen units have a commons area kitchen for the building to use for cooking.  Appliances in which the heating element is exposed are not allowed in the non-kitchen units.

This includes:

  • Crock pots

  • Toasters

  • Coffee makers

  • Grills

Yes! There are laundry facilities located in each residence hall. The machines are available for use by all residents. Machines are not coin operated - instead there is a small charge added to student accounts each semester so you can put your clothes in and start the machine, just like at home! You do have to provide your own soap.

When checking in, all residents will be assigned a personal mailbox. Mailboxes are located by the Bookstore. You will be notified about packages via email or a note in your mailbox. To pick up your packages at Shipping & Receiving an ID will be required.

Be sure to check your mail often because all mail from the College (including financial aid checks) will be sent to this mailbox.

Your address at Western will be:


2600 College Drive

Rock Springs, WY 82901

You can use the Reporting Form on the website or your MyWestern account, contact a Resident Assistant or call Facilities at 307-382-1680.

Click the icon above to submit a concern or complaint. 

Yes. Once a month your RA will give you  96 hours  notice that they will check your room for safety and security. Also, if a housing rule violation is reasonably suspected, RAs, other housing personnel or Protective Services Officers may enter rooms.

Maintenance staff will also enter rooms occasionally to perform repair and upkeep on rooms.

Your deposit secures your place in line to be assigned a room in housing. We then look at your listed preferences and space availability.

Western reserves the right to consolidate rooms and room assignments to fit the needs of the department.

Western has:

  • Buildings that are locked 24/7 with card access only

  • RAs living on-site

  • Roaming security 24/7

  • Housing staff, college professionals and Protective Services staff available 24/7

  • Emergency information posted throughout halls

  • Hard-wired smoke detector system

  • Internal sprinkler system

  • Well-lit external areas

  • Emergency call system

  • Combo locks on all room doors

  • Extensive security camera system


  • 10:00pm – 7:00am   Sunday – Thursday

  • 12:00am – 7:00am   Friday – Saturday

  • During the last week of classes and finals week, a 24-hour quiet hours policy is enforced


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