Program Requirements

The Honors Program offers four to six honors courses on a wide range of topics each semester. These courses bring together talented students from many different majors. Taught by accomplished and dedicated faculty, these courses offer interactive and innovative learning experiences. Often, they include field trips at college expense.

Who can participate in the Honors Program or Honors courses?

Honors courses are open to:

  • new freshmen with a 25 ACT, or 1700 ACT, or a 3.5 high school GPA
  • students with a cumulative 3.25 GPA in 12 or more hours of college-level coursework
  • anyone with a genuine interest in the subject matter who obtains instructor permission

Qualifying for the Honors Scholarship

Any student who successfully completes an honors course in both the fall and spring semester is eligible to receive an honors scholarship up to $500. This scholarship is offered every year and students do not have to graduate with Honors to be eligible for the scholarship. 

How to graduate Western Wyoming Community College with Honors?

To graduate with Honors from Western Wyoming Community College you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete 16-18 credits of Honors courses. 
  • As part of the 16-18 credits needed to graduate students are highly encouraged to take the following Honor's courses:
    1. Honors First Year Success Course (HMDV 1005 HP, 1 Credit)
    2. Honors Introduction to Humanities (HUMN 1010 HP, 3 Credits)
    3. Honors English Composition II (ENGL 1020 HP, 3 Credits)
    4. Honors Political Science or Honors History Course
      • Honors American & Wyoming Government (POLS 1000 HP, 3 Credits) or
      • Honors US History (HIST 1211 HP or 1221 HP, 3 Credits) or
      • Honors Wyoming History (HIST 1251 HP, 3 Credits

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