Mustang Awards

Mustang Awards is an opportunity to congratulate our students who have made significant achievements in education, leadership roles, and academic awards.

Outstanding Graduates:

Image of Duncan Elder.
Duncan Elder
Outstanding Graduate 2021-2022
The Outstanding Graduate is selected by a committee each year. This year, a committee of 8 employees, that included Administrators, Professionals, Faculty, and Staff from multiple areas of campus. The nomination criteria and scoring rubric consists of the students involvement on campus, leadership roles, positive impact on other students, and their ability to positively represent Western in the future.

His nominators said: “Duncan has been involved on campus as the Lead Resident Assistant, Student Government Association Vice President during the fall semester, and as a Student Ambassador, and all of these while being heavily involved in the theatre program with major roles in both Footloose and Uncle Vanya. Last summer, Duncan went above and beyond in helping out the housing department while both the Administrative Assistant and Housing Coordinator positions were vacant. A lot was asked of him while filling in for these positions and he did a fantastic job! As the Head RA, he has lead the RA team to do the hard work of programming and assuring the buildings are in good shape, while at the same time helping the RA team understand the importance of connecting with residents. As the SGA Vice President, he was key in providing better methods of communicating events to our student body. As a Student Ambassador, he has easily become one of the voices and faces of the institution as he gives campus tours and helps prospective students realize how good of a place Western is. He’s not afraid to take on a challenge, which is an admirable trait. He sincerely cares about people which makes him a huge asset in everything he does. He is an incredible team player, an amazing leader, and an extremely organized student. He is that student that everybody enjoys being around.”

Image Tyce Raddon
Tyce Raddon
Outstanding Graduate 2021-2022
The Outstanding Graduate is selected by a committee each year. This year, a committee of 8 employees, that included Administrators, Professionals, Faculty, and Staff from multiple areas of campus. The nomination criteria and scoring rubric consists of the students involvement on campus, leadership roles, positive impact on other students, and their ability to positively represent Western in the future.

His nominators said: “Tyce is a member of the Western Wrestling Team. In 2021, he was an NJCAA Academic All-American. In 2022, he was voted Team Captain, was a Region Champ, and finished 3rd at the National Championship while earning All American honors. And he did all of this while being the biggest fan to his teammates because Tyce is one of those individuals who is genuinely happy for the success of others! He is active in his church, is fluent in Spanish, and has a job on-campus in the athletics department. He is a fierce competitor but is also the most kind person you will ever meet. His peers look to him as a leader and want to hear what he has to say. They know they can trust him because of his amazing example. He is a leader in the classroom as he models respectful classroom behavior, is always punctual, well-prepared, goes above and beyond, and asks thoughtful questions. He is extremely professional and when given the choice, his classmates always ask to be partners with him in small group work because of who he is. He demonstrates maturity, kindness, enthusiasm, respect, responsibility, patience, common sense, and the ability to be an amazing listener. He approaches each day with a positive attitude and represents Western extremely well, both on-campus, and in the community."

Dual Student of the Year:

Quincy Stewart stands with plaque surrounded by Dr. Bernadine Craft, Dr. Kim Dale, Ms. Kelly McGovern, and Alex Schumacher.
Quincy Stewart, Black Butte High School Senior
Dual Student of the Year - Western Wyoming Community College
Western Wyoming Community College announced their Dual Student of the Year for 2022. The goal of Western's Dual and Concurrent program is to provide high school students a head-start, and better prepare them to transition to college or the workplace after high school. Students can explore their options prior to enrolling as a full-time college student and still have the structural support of their high school. All Wyoming students have access to dual and concurrent enrollment at no cost to the student thanks to Sweetwater BOCES.

Stewart is graduating from high school with 60 credits college from Western and 12 from a previous institution. In addition to graduating high school, she will be graduating from Western with her Associate of Science Multidisciplinary Studies Degree. “It is an honor when we can celebrate the accomplishments of an outstanding student. Ms. Quincy has completed 60 credit hours, jump-starting her college education by earning an associate degree while still at Black Butte High School. This was possible through our strong partnerships with Sweetwater BOCES and Sweetwater County School District #1.” said Dr. Kim Dale, President of Western Wyoming Community College. “Her accomplishments this early in her educational journey is a great example of how successful she will become,” Dale stated. Stewart began as a dual student at Western her freshman year of high school. Throughout high school she has been involved in the Girls Who Code Club and Student Council. During her time as a dual student at Western, she has conducted research with Western Faculty, Dr. David Tanner. This research funded by Idea Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE), is helping to map the genome of the dune specialist bee from the Killpecker Sand Dunes. Stewart will start her first year of traditional college with an associate degree, research experience, and feeling extremely prepared to move onto the next phase in her education. When asked how she felt about walking in both her high school graduation and Western’s graduation ceremony, Stewart stated, "So excited, this is what I have been working towards for four years. It took a lot of work but, it is paying off.”

Innovative Educator of the Year:

Dr. Mckay West speaking at the 2022 Westerns Awards Banquet.
Dr. Mckay West, Assistant Professor of Communication
Innovative Educator of the Year
The award winner embeds innovation in their instructional practice to create a more collaborative, student-centered, and active learning experience, thereby demonstrating connectedness with students and their learning.

“I am truly humbled by and grateful to Western's students and faculty members who I have had the privilege to know. I know I have been blessed and my abilities and understanding as a teacher greatly enhanced thanks to the wonderful people at Western and all they have been willing to teach me. I am also grateful to God and my family for all of the strength, wisdom, and love they have offered me, and I wish everyone the best as we each move forward in the next stages of our futures.” stated West.

Honor Roll - Fall 2021

(Spring 2022 to be posted end of May when grades are in)

Sweetwater County   Carbon County   Lincoln County   Sublette County   Uinta County   Wyoming   Out of State
Shelby   Aldred   Aliya    Edwards   Todd Clark   Michelle Helm   John Avery   Shawn  Denney   Haruka  Aoki
Ian   Anderson   Nicole    Moore   Duncan Elder   Jorja Warembourg   Emma Beck   Zoe  Fernandez   Paityn   Auger
Brady   Anderson   Gabrielle    Pitt   Vienna  Hiller         James Eardley   Andrew  Nicholson   Eleanor  Barry
Inaki   Andikoetxea   Whitney    Prior   Preston Howes         Samuel Godfrey         Brenna  Cragun
Esther   Bae         John Maffei         Alexandra Hansen         Andre  Cruz
Taylor   Berg         Michael Moyes         Kalaysia Hart         Jaylee  Fernelius
Joel   Chambers         Jayden Nield         Shantell Henry         Noah  Harris
Emma   Christiansen         Aaron Ortiz         Russell Jensen         Corinne  Henderson
Rikki   Cozad         Jackson Owen         Madison Johnson         Kaitlyn  Hiatt
Elizabeth   Croft         Olivia Rainey         Cherise McBride         Takaki  Hirohata
Xenia   Crosby         Megan Sessions         Jared Nelson         Nana  Ito
James   Drinkle         Eamonn Walters         James Purcell         Koby  Johnson
Kamryn   Ferrell                                 Kirill  Mecham
Wyatt   Fletcher                                 Jayden  Miller
Logan   Floyd                                 Yushi  Nagamatsu
Bryson  Greymountain                                 Kidus  Negeri
Janeth   Grimaldo                                 Tyce  Raddon
Alison   Gutierrez                                 Garrett  Ricks
Issac   Howard                                 Sophie  Romo
Stevie   Isbelle                                 Kaley  Sikora
Derek   Jacobsen                                 Collin  Smith
Elijah   Kropf                                 Brynn  Soelberg
Shanndan   Lamorie                                 Hana  Tanaka
Seanna   Latimer                                 Tyler  Thomas
Kristina   Liberatore                                 Akiho  Tokuda
Emma   Lowell                                 Ciarra  Valdez
Edward   Lucero                                 Haruka  Yamazaki
Michael   Mei                                    
Addison   Meidinger                                    
Vanessa   Meraz                                    
Benjamin   Miller                                    
Norma   Moreno                                    
Carol   Noland                                    
Ryan   Olson                                    
Kieley   Otto                                    
Tristan   Profaizer                                    
Robert   Reed                                    
Jessica   Robison                                    
Jayden   Robison                                    
Sierra   Sanderson                                    
Tasha   Seppie                                    
Matthew   Seymour                                    
Kelcee   Smith                                    
Jeran   Spicer                                    
Christopher   Stewart                                    
Chase   Whitman                                    
Brent   Wilde                                    
Rebecah   Winward                                    
Miranda Jay   Wright                                    
William   Yeager                                    






Sweetwater County
Eilana Adkison
Crystal Aguilar
Ty Alcorn
Emmie Archibald
Connie Archuleta
Timothy Atkinson
Ian Baird
Cole Barnes
Cassandra Beckermann
Abby Bettolo
Sydney Beutel
Sierra Bird
Kylee Blackburn
Kenzee Blackburn
Samantha Boren
Meghan Bradley
Tyler Camphouse
Nathan Campos
Jordyn Carr
Jaidyn Carr
Victor Carrillo
Kristina Cassel
Kevin Cervantes
Anthony Chasse
Jacob Chavez
Jovie Cheney
Cash Christensen
Thomas Clark
Meleah Covill-Robinson
Carly Cramer
Andrea Crookston
Andrew Diaz
Cole Doroha
Joshua Duckwitz
Harlie Easton
Thomas Edwards
Cassandra Emden
Shantia Farless
Morgen Forbush
Brooke Frantzen
Geraldine Gamoke
Gabriel Garcia
Jayda Gatley
Garrett Gilmore
Rachel Goff
Skylee Gomez
Walker Gonzales
Johnathan Green
Kirill Hale
Benjamin Hansen
Casey Harmon
Abby Hautala
Mickael Healey
Barrick Hess
Maddie Hook
Kyle Howard
Jayden Izatt
Ingran Johnson
Karla Jurado
Zoe Kautzman
Shawn Keller
Kevin Kennis
Kreston Kline
Paige Knavel
Jessica Lake
Kayden Lancaster
Briana Larsen
Jaxon Larson
Kasia Leavitt
Garrett Lester
Jerra Lester
Caitlin Lind
Aime Lord
Anastasia Lott
Lucy Lowell
Cougar Lux
Daryn Macy
Raquel Maestas
Israel Maestas
Angel Madonado
Colin Malec
Jose Martinez
Joshua Martinez
Conner McCloskey
Megan McComas
Allison McConnell
Cole Meats
Kevin Mei
Andy Mei
Abigail Merkley
Jeff Merten Copeland
Michael Montoya
Hannah Moore
Olivia Nielsen
Kaylin Nowland
Kaycee Olsen
Lon Olson
Alexis Orduna
Leena Owens
Braxton Patterson
Michael Pelletier
Camryn Pierantoni
Melinda Powers
Riley Price
Brissa Proa
Enshawntae Rall
Jose Ramirez
Roryanne Ratliff
Jimmy Renfro
Emily Reyes
Forbes Reynolds
Alexandra Riley
Enrique Robles
Dereck Russell
Alexander Shafe
Jaron Shereda
Hannah Shuler
Krista Simkin
Charles Simons
Joseph Sims
Valerie Sleight
Jacob Smith
Kylee Smith
Cassidy Smothers
Jason Starkey
Quincy Stewart
Kayde Strauss
Lindy Strock
Audrey Talley
Paola Terrazas
Jennifer Terrazas
Kennedy Thompson
Kyla Timm
Samuel Trafton
Madison Trovillion
Allyson Turner
Amanda Valles
Jacquelyn Vaquera
Jasminee Vargas-Velica
Shelby Vasa
Rylee Walker
Kassandra Ward
Cassie Whittaker
Sage Wilde
Ashlyn Wolfe
Phillip Yim
Madison Young


Carbon County
Madison Campbell
Brandon Dilworth
Enrique Estrada
Damien Kroese Olivas
Ashlyn Nibert
William Robinson
Sydney Shellito
Sierra Skinner
Alexandra Trevizo
Jeremy Waller
Taylor Widdison


Lincoln County
Hailey Astle
Samantha Brewer
Toby Chytka
Jerry Dayton
Brady Fullmer
Taylor Haderlie
Daniel Kruckenberg
Kaylee Merritt
Gavin Patterson
Brittany Ritter
Darbi Sessions
Collin Smith
Bradie Suter
Maxwell Thompson


Sublette County
Sara Anaya
Joshua Dollar
Inez O'Conner
Rachel Staley
Danner Tabler


Uinta County
Elijah Archuleta
Shae Bardsley
McKenzie Beck
Garrett Bishop
Scott Browning
Ethan Cantlin
Trever Condos
Tyson Condos
Bryan Coon
Jace Covington
Weston Cox
Audrey Deshner
Austin Elmer
David Flint
Kristina Fraughton
Candy Hamblin
Chantae Hendrickson
Sky Jensen
Jocelyn Johnson
Alana Johnson
Ashlyn Lundholm
Taylor McBride
Marcella Monroe
Wynn Officer
Nicole Peden
Olivia Reifon
Jessie Roundy
Christopher Sandoval
Haily Stephens
Hailey Stuart
Alexis Thomas
Stacie Ward


Glenis Denney
Caleb Nathan
Brookelynn White


Out of State
Rhohei Abe
Madison Bailey
Nikaila Bell
Aspen Bullock
Jax Coburn
Riggen Cordingley
Gladyz Faka'osiula
Gaige Hardy
Rachel Hicks
Hinata Horikawa
Carsten Hughes
Minachel Ibeneme
Abbie Jennings
Cole Jensen
Aspen Jensen
Carson Jensen
Manami Kinjo
Yuki Kondo
Hannah Lamon
Jingjing Li
Kade Lincoln
Yusuke Matsuda
Tyler McMillian
Della Mendes
Anni Molgard
Kaden Montano
Maci Morris
Derek Ramos
Zion Ruckard
Kimzi Sawyer
Porter Seegmiller
Mark Shirley
Shiori Tanaka
Timothy Toepel
Trevor Trost
Kano Tsutsumi
Ashlee Wood


Sweetwater County
Alisha Adler
Kayleigh Allison
Cheryl Brady
Kelley Brown
Brooke Cecil
Nancy Chavez
Mark Croff
Mary Davies
Valeria Dominguez
Kevin Harrison
Zachary Lewis
Wade Lewis
Thomas McKimm
Dashaela Nations
Addyson Neff
Sarah Norton
Sally Peterson
Carrie Piazza
Brittany Pope
Suzanne Rozelle-Wright
Wesley Smith
Payton Stewart
Nadine Stotts
Tiffany Summa
Annette Tanner
Rochelle Taylor
Valarie Toomey
Victoria Watkins
Madison Yoak


Carbon County
Jennifer Kyle
Alexandra Martinez
Heather Ward


Lincoln County
Jacob Floyd
Stevie Randall
David Stubbs
Makenzie Wagstaff


Sublette County
Sadie Lundberg
Christina Morris
Steven Sanders


Uinta County
Bryanna Barker
Nicholette Benton
Sofya Bratishko
Connie Brown
Molly Chambers
Gavin DeRosas
Amber Easton
Christine Gines
Savanna Noorda
Denise Seitz
Laycee Tippetts
Rebecca Williams


Sarah Hissong


Out of State
Jessica Terrill


Western Student Leader Groups 

Yadhira Vicencio - SGA President, Alex Riley - SGA Vice President, McCora Wolfley - Secretary, Frida Duran - Treasurer, Kevin Mei - Senate Speaker, Xitlaly Chavarria - CAB Coordinator, Jaxon Peacock, Cole Barnes, Aimee Skaggs, Gavin Patterson, Harper Hewitt, Andy Mei, Jennifer Ramos, Ani Nieblas, Irene Ignes Boahene, Richard Tetteh-Buckson, Benjamin Garcia, Willow LaRocco, Jacey Webb, Jocelyn Johnson.

Duncan Elder- Head Resident Assistant, Harper Hewitt- Lead Resident Assistant, Gavin Patterson- Lead Resident Assistant. Manami Kinjo, Caitlin Stephens, Emma Beck, Jaxon Peacock, Brady Anderson, Ryohei Abe, Esther Bae, Tyler Dean Thomas, Hailey Astle, Jocelyn Johnson.  

Reese Fullmer - Student Ambassador Team Lead, Alek Lawson, Brady Fullmer, Cassie Whittaker, Darbi Sessions, Duncan Elder, Frances Hunting, Harper Hewitt, and Jazmine Higgs.

Phi Theta Kappa

Sigma Ki Chapter - Western Wyoming Community College

Carly Putnam, Siobhan Lally, Jakob Moeller, Hayden Rupe, Timothy Erickson, Yuki Miyahara, Nanako Ishii, Jennifer Youngblood, Justin Bair, Norma Nelson, Michael Moyes, Victoria Watkins, Alana Floyd, Derek Jacobsen, Rhys Brandt, Lucus Pimenta Sa, Heather Kroupa, Cheryl Rixey, Kazunari Inamoto, Saydee Willson, Alexander Shafe, Koharu Katagishi

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