Course List

Course Offering for Fall 2019 

HMDV 1005 HP  (Fall Semester)   Dr. Aaron Jensen   1 Credit      

Required for all new (first semester, first year) Honors students. Learn about college success, time management, and so much more in a cohort style with other members of the Honors Program. The course is designed to prepare Honors students for success as Honors students at Western, as well as their transfer institution.

POLS 1000 HP  (Fall Sememster)  Bruce Anderson      3 credits     

Meets US & WY constitution general education requirement

Earn your US & Constitutional requirement and Honors credit in this first ever Honors offering of American & Wyoming Government. There is no better time than now to learn about the political systems, processes, and constitutions.

BADM 1000 HP  (Fall Sememster)  Beth Gard  3 credits           

Have you ever wondered what the billionaire Warren Buffett, visionary Steve Jobs, and entrepreneur Jeff Bezos have in common? After you finish studying business practices in this course, you may discover you have many of these same qualities. This course will expose you to business terminology, concepts, and current business practices.


PSYC 2210 (Fall Semester)    Dr. Shane Westfall      3 Credits  

Why do people who smoke synthetic marijuana act so different from people that smoke the traditional stuff? Do bath salts really have anything to do with taking baths? This course will cover some information about the nature and effects of drugs. The course will also examine the social and personal dynamics involved in the phenomena of drug abuse.


Course Offering for Spring 2020 

COMM 2135 (spring sem.)

Ann Rudolf     3 Credits

The course explores the role of gender in communication processes. Students will examine the personal and social nature of gender, including how it shapes communication and how communication creates, reproduces, sustains, and sometimes challenges and changes the meaning of gender. Attention will be given to how gender impacts and is impacted by friendships, family relationships, education, media, and organizations.  Learning experiences include work with both verbal and nonverbal communications as they apply to perception, stereotyping, gender and socialization, processing information differences in communication styles, in a variety of environments.

ENGL 1020 HP (Spring Sem.)

E. Covill       3 Credits

Meets the English general education requirement

A continuation of English I, this course emphasizes writing, research, and analytical reading.

HLED 1140 HP (Spring Sem.)

Cristine Clark     3 Credits

Meets the Social Science general education requirement

This course explores the relationship of food and nutrition in health maintenance and disease prevention. Topics include the basic nutrients, fitness and exercise needs, energy balance and weight control, dietary analysis, and personal application of nutrition concepts learned in the course.

HUMN 1010 HP   (Spring Sem.)

Heather Prishtash     3 credits

Meets the Humanities general education requirement

Students will gain a greater appreciation of the humanities- the creative expressions, past and present, of men and women around the world - and discover their own personal connections to this tradition.  This will be done through reading, writing, conversation, and participation in cultural activities.  Through the Focus Essay project, students will sharpen research, writing and presentation skills and gain an in-depth view of a Humanities-related subject of special interest to them.

HIST 1221 HP   (Spring Sem.)

Mark Neels     3 Credits

Meets US & WY constitution OR Social Science general education requirement

Surveys US history from the Civil War to the present and meets the requirements of the Wyoming statutes providing for instruction in the provisions and principles of the constitutions of the United States and Wyoming.

Students participating in a research course for the equivilant of 3 credits can recieve Honors course credit for that research course. The research course should be approved through the Honors Program Coordinator


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