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Counseling Services: Our Services

Counseling Services provides short term counseling and consultation to students who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems that are interfering with their ability to be successful in school and/or with their individual personal development. Counseling is provided in a confidential, positive, and supportive environment whereby students feel free to voice their ideas and issues related to pursing their goals.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling
Students meet individually with a counselor to discuss a variety of issues. These may include personal feelings, relationships, coping with stress and anxiety, self-awareness, and other personal concerns. Typically, you will meet with your counselor for a 50-minute session every other week. At the end of each session, you and your counselor will decide the time and day for your next appointment. This is to allow you the most flexibility in your schedule as student's schedules frequently chain with study groups, exams, projects, and work. Your appointment will generally begin "on the hour," between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and end at 10 minutes before the next hour. Most people find that 5 to 6 sessions are adequate to address their concerns. If you have any questions or concerns about the counseling process itself (e.g., feeling "stuck" or lacking direction), your counselor will be pleased to discuss them with you.

Group Counseling
During group counseling, students with common concerns meet together with one or more counselors to explore a specific topic. Group topics may include: Anxiety and Stress, Test Anxiety, Sexual Assault and Abuse Survivors, Getting Past the Past: Grief and Loss, etc.

Couples Counseling
Counselors are available to meet with couples (both of whom must be a student at Western Wyoming Community College) to provide relationship counseling.

Emergency Services

If serious harm is about to happen to any person, including one's self, call Campus Security at 382-1690 immediately.

During business hours (8:00am - 5:00pm), students in need of urgent psychological assistance should call the counseling center at (307) 382-1652. After business hours, students in need of urgent psychological assistance should call Campus Security at (307) 382-1690 or call the Southwest Counseling 24 hour Hotline at (307) 352-6680.

Emergency & Crisis Contacts:

WWCC Campus Security: (307) 382-1690

South West Counseling 24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (307) 352-6680

YWCA Support and Safe House Crisis Hotline: (307) 352-1030

Rock Springs Police Department: (307) 352-1575

Suicide Help Hotlines: 1-800-SUICIDE or (800) 784-2433

Other Services

Consultation and Referral
Counseling Services will provide information and other consultative services to persons who are having concerns about others’ behavior, are seeking material for a class presentation or assignment, are reporting for the media, or are planning programs. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff may receive referrals to community resources when needed or upon request.

Psychological Assessment
If you are looking for information or services regarding learning, academic, psychological, or physical disability assessment, services, and accommodations please visit Disability Support Services.

Educational Outreach
Counseling Services will provide educational programs and workshops to student groups and classes. These programs often focus on personal concerns typically experienced by college students. Previous workshop topics have included depression and anxiety, stress management/reduction, dealing with students in distress, etc. For more information or to request a program, please contact Counseling Service at (307) 382-1652 or e-mail Bret Zerger at


Who is Eligible to Receive Counseling?
Individual, group, and couple’s counseling services are provided free of charge to currently enrolled Western Wyoming Community College students.

How Often or How Much Can I Attend Counseling?
Session limits for participation in counseling will be determined by your counselor; however it is typical for a student to attend counseling for 8-12 sessions.


What services does WWCC Counseling Services provide?
WWCC Counseling Services provides counseling and education to students and consultation and training to staff and faculty to facilitate the retention, adjustment, and development of WWCC students. For more information about specific services, view the "Counseling Services" section above on this page.

What are Counseling Services operating hours?
Counseling Services are available from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. During the summer months these hours often change from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Thursday.

Who is eligible to receive counseling?
Individual, group, and couple's counseling services at provided free of charge to current enrolled WWCC students.

Who provides counseling center services?
Counseling is provided by our two licensed professional counselors.

Is there a charge for counseling?
Currently enrolled students may utilize our services at no cost.

Are counseling sessions confidential?
All aspects of your participation in counseling are confidential by state law. No information may be released to anyone without your written permission; however, your counselor is required to report disclosed information to the appropriate authorities when:
  • Serious and foreseeable harm to you or others is evident
  • Release of confidential information is required by court order or requested by you
  • Child abuse or neglect is evident or suspected
  • Abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults who are vulnerable due to physical or mental impairment or advanced age is evident or suspected
For more information about confidentiality and privacy, please read our confidentiality and privacy statements.

What if I have an emergency?
In an emergency situation and during operating hours, call Counseling Services (307) 382-1652 and ask to speak to a counselor immediately. Suicidal intent, acute risk of violent behavior, and severe loss of emotional control are examples of emergencies.

If an emergency occurs after 5 p.m. or on weekends, please contact the Campus Security at (307) 382-1690. If you are not on campus during the time of an emergency, please dial 911. You may also use Southwest Counseling’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline by calling (307) 352-6680.

Are there limits to Counseling Center services?
A student who has counseling needs that are beyond our Counseling Services Scope of Practice is eligible for support and referral services.

I'm interested in individual counseling. How do I make an appointment?
If you are interested in utilizing Counseling Services, please call (307) 382-1652 or visit our office in Room 2011 (2nd Floor).

How long are counseling appointments?
Individual counseling appointments are usually 45-50 minutes in length.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?
If you need to cancel your appointment, please call Counseling Services at (307) 382-1652 or visit our office in Room 2011 (2nd Floor). Whenever possible, please provide 48-hour notice of cancellation.

What if I miss an appointment?
Counseling Services often has a high demand for appointment time and a limited number of staff. However, if you miss an appointment, we will do our best to reschedule you as long as missed appointments do not become an ongoing pattern.

For more information, contact Wellbeing & Accessibility at (307) 382-1652 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181