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Counseling Services: Parents, Faculty & Staff

Parents, faculty, and staff are often the first to recognize signs of distressing personal situations in their students' lives. If you become concerned about the emotional health of your student, you may wish to talk with him or her about the Counseling Services that exist at Western Wyoming Community College.

For Parents

Parents Play an Important Role in Adjustment to College
The primary objective of Counseling Services is to help students with personal, emotional and adjustment problems so that they can be successful in college. We believe that you, the parents, play an extremely important role in helping us to meet that objective. Adjustment problems are a common and expected experience for most students, particularly for freshmen. Parents are usually the first to notice changes in their student's behavior, attitudes, or emotional stability that might indicate a problem. Talk with your son/daughter about your concerns. Let your son/daughter know that emotional adjustment problems are common among college students and that Counseling Services can help.

Scope of Services
Counseling Services are intended primarily to help students with short-term emotional adjustment problems rather than long-term, intensive psychological problems. If your student has been previously hospitalized or was in on-going psychotherapy before coming to Western Wyoming Community College, our services may not be an appropriate substitute for those services. We can help with referrals for private mental health care in the local area. If you are unsure if our Counseling Services would be appropriate for your son/daughter, please call (307) 382-1652 and talk with one of our staff about your student's situation.

Referring Your Student for Counseling
The best way to refer your son/daughter for counseling is to encourage him/her to come by our office (Rm 2011) or call (307) 382-1652 Counseling Services to make an initial appointment. On rare occasions, parents believe their son/daughter is more likely to come for counseling if Counseling Services initiates contact with the student. In those situations, at your request, a Counseling Center staff member may call your son/daughter to discuss your concerns and invite him/her to come in for an initial session.

Counseling Services Free to Students
All counseling services provided to students are covered by the student service fees that were paid during registration. There are no additional charges for counseling.

A Note About Confidentiality
If your son/daughter is receiving counseling, federal and state law prohibits us from acknowledging that your son/daughter is a client or from discussing his/her case in any way without specific written permission from your son/daughter. This law applies whether or not you have referred your son/daughter to us or have discussed your son/daughter’s situation with us before he/she becomes a client. If you wish to follow-up with us after referring your son/daughter, please encourage them to sign a written authorization form when he/she comes for counseling.

View additional resources for parents.

For Faculty and Staff

Brief counseling is available to faculty and staff who may want counseling for personal concerns.

Counseling staff are also available to consult with faculty and staff regarding mental health concerns they may have about individual students. It is important to remember that once you refer a student to us, any action taken will be confidential and no further information can be released from the Support, Disability, & Counseling Center.

For more information, contact Wellbeing & Accessibility at (307) 382-1652 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181