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PASS: Program for Adult Student Success

Logo Fifty percent of WWCC students are Adult Learners. Adult Learners are students who fall into any of the following categories: have minor dependents, are over the age of 24, or have been out of school more than two years. A college degree can increase lifetime earnings by more than 1 million dollars. Individuals with college degrees have lower unemployment rates and higher job satisfaction rates than those without.

What is PASS?
The Program for Adult Student Success or PASS is a WWCC initiative designed to meet the specific needs of Adult Learners. This program was founded on the basic premise that most adult students work and have numerous commitments beyond school; the services and expectations in PASS reflect this understanding. PASS is a one year sequence of courses designed to help students complete the first two semesters of their Associates Degree, along the way they will complete specific classes that will advance a range of academic skills and provide the information necessary to make informed choices about educational and career goals. The courses taken as part of PASS are fully accredited with the majority being transferable.

Students completing PASS will be able to transition into the degree program of their choice armed with the abilities to be successful in their chosen field. PASS combines innovative curriculum, engaging instructors and extensive student support to provide each and every student a rewarding educational experience. As a busy adult with competing responsibilities, PASS provides a comprehensive and supportive learning environment in a face-to-face evening format. At the end of one year, students will have bolstered their math and critical thinking skills plus completed 18 credit hours of college-level work.

WWCC wants each and every student to be successful and will provide chosen participants with the following resources throughout the program:
  • A scholarship to cover all tuition and fees
  • No cost childcare while you attend class
  • Use of textbooks at no cost

PASS Course Sequence:
Students will attend class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 5:30 - 8:30pm both Fall and Spring semesters.

Fall Curriculum
College Studies (2 credits)
English 0955 (3 credits)
Math 0920 (4 credits)
Computer Information Sys. (3 credits)
Spring Curriculum
Math 1000 (3 credits)
Career Development & Advising (2 credits)
Critical Thinking (2 credits)
English 1010 (3 credits)
Political Science 1000 (3 credits)

For more information, contact Mark Rembacz at (307) 382-1646 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181