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Commitment Statement

Logo I have made it my goal to complete my associate degree within two years as a full-time student or four years as a part-time student. By committing to this goal I am taking ownership of my education and assume responsibly for my academic success by doing the following:

  • Follow the Academic Plan I develop with my advisor which will include:
    • An average of 16 credits each Fall & Spring semester.
    • I must complete a college level English and math course within the first 32 credit hours.

  • Consult with my advisor before making any changes to my schedule (adding, dropping, withdrawing).

  • Meet with my Academic Advisor at least once each semester.

I agree to adhere to the following behaviors which correlate to academic success and facilitate timely progress toward my degree:

  • Make academics my #1 priority.

  • Choose a major by the beginning of my second semester and complete a Career Assessment if advised to do so.

  • Consult with an advisor immediately if I want to change my major so that we can assess what changes can or should be made to my Academic Plan to ensure timely completion.

  • Monitor my academic progress regularly using Mustang WebAdvisor (Academic advising report; grades; etc.) and get assistance if/when I experience academic difficulty.

  • Conduct all academic and business related tasks on time these include; scheduling appointments, registering for classes, resolving holds on my academic record, completion of financial aid application and forms, checking grades and applying for graduation.

  • Check my Mustang Cruiser e-mail daily!

  • Western Wyoming Community College pledges to:

  • Provide academic advisement each semester appropriate to your major, including developing a two year academic plan.

  • Monitor your academic progress every term.

  • Provide email communications regarding your academic progress and/or any non-compliance with pledge requirements.

  • Offer assistance and recommendations to address any problems you may have with academics or with staying on track with your two-year plan.

  • Upon completion of your degree within two years (or four years for part-time students), pay you $1,000.

  • Receipt of the $1,000 award is subject to the following rules:

  • You MUST sign and submit the 16 to Succeed commitment statement during the first semester you attend WWCC (after high school) You must also indicate whether you will be a full-time or part-time student.

  • You must complete your degree within TWO YEARS; two years is defined as two fall semesters, two spring semesters and two summer semesters that are in CONSECUTIVE order. (Part-time students must complete in FOUR YEARS defined as 12 semesters in consecutive order)
    • Although summer semesters count toward the timeframe for completion students are not required to take summer courses to qualify for the award.

  • NO MORE than 32 credits may be transferred from other colleges or universities and the TOTAL time to degree may not exceed two consecutive years. (four years for part-time students)

  • You may receive no more than ONE award.

  • Any exceptions to these rules must be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Student Services.

  • Your Full Name:
    Your Student ID Number:
    Your Major:
    Full Time         Part Time

    Thank you for your commitment to Western Wyoming Community College and to your educational success. If you have any questions regarding "16 to Succeed," please contact Molly McClure at (307) 382-1632 or

    For more information, contact Molly McClure at (307) 382-1632 or
    (307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181