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Vox Stellarum: An Installation of Silk Itajime Shibori Panels

January 03, 2019

Elin Noble: Vox Stel
Elin Noble: Vox Stellarum will be on display in Western’s Art Gallery from January 16th. Noble will speak at 12:30PM January 17th both are free

The fiber arts show by Elin Noble will be on display in Western’s Art Gallery.

Western Wyoming Community College’s Art Gallery will display Vox Stellarum, a fiber arts show from January 16th through February 21st, with a Gallery Talk at 12:30PM on January 17th.

Elin Noble is the award-winning author of Dyes & Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric. Noble has a BFA in Fiber from the University of Washington and an extensive portfolio of exhibitions, classes, lectures, and television appearances.

In the installation, “Vox Stellarum,” Elin Noble aims to establish a quiet and meditative environment of suspended cloth, manifesting spiritual awareness through subtle patterns of light and space. Her work was inspired by an 18th century engraving in Johann Jakob Scheuchzer’s four-volume project entitled Physica sacra.

“I started out the series inspired by the engraving included in Physica sacra, in which Scheuchzer attempts – what is still attempted by many today – to connect religion and science. In my search to establish a quiet and meditative space I slowly moved closer to an appreciation of how nature and the awe inspiring starry heavens reinforce, as Kant [Immanuel Kant from Critique of Practical Reason] points out, or presence as ethical beings,” stated Elin Noble, as recorded by the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum.

In the series, the silk panels are folded and clamped, and the sericin removed. This process is called de-gumming. By selectively removing sericin, sections of cloth become less transparent. Through the fold and clamp resist process, some of the black color is removed, creating a second layer of pattern. When two panels are hung together as one, these processes allow the two pieces of cloth to engage in a play between patterns, between dark and light, and between transparency and opaqueness. When the cloth gently moves, it also allows for a play of moiré patterns.

For more information regarding the event and show, please contact Dr. Florence McEwin at, or check the Mustang Connections App at

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