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Janice Grover-Roosa, a.k.a. Dewy Decimate Her

January 11, 2018

Dewey Decimate Her,
Dewey Decimate Her, Janice Grover-Roosa in roller derby action!

Janice Grover-Roosa isn’t your typical library gal, and we’re lucky to have her as our Director of Library Services here at Western. Some of you might know her as Dewey Decimate Her – jammer on the Bitter Sweet Bombshells roller derby team!

Janice has been with Western since July of 2011, and has been a member of the Bitter Sweet Bombshells since April of 2013. Her likes and interests include; libraries, librarians (especially the ones working at Hay Library), the First Amendment, Wyoming, hot drinks, rated R movies, depressing works of fiction circa 1870-1930, wind, awkward moments that aren’t happening to her, unfashionable beards, inappropriate graffiti sloppily spray painted by children trying to be bad, dancing, sweatpants, the earthy smell of geraniums, snail-mail, old people, books about etiquette and, of course, roller derby and her teammates.

Some of her dislikes include; Slacks, corporations as people, insincere do-gooders, censorship, hot beaches, obligatory public singing, when people say Animal Farm is their favorite book, “group work”, smugness, home décor and tough derby walls.

To Janice, derby is the perfect blend of athleticism and showmanship. She admires all of the women affiliated with derby and the thrill of working together to get through a bout. Her athletic background of an interpretive dance piece choreographed to the rhythmic and culturally insensitive sounds of Walk Like an Egyptian—6th grade talent show, lizard hunting in southwest Wyoming, backpacking through the Wind River Mountain Range and shelving heavy books, makes her valuable asset to her team.

Next time you see Janice, be sure to ask her about being the Dewey Decimate Her, and where and when to catch the Bitter Sweet Bombshells in action. 

For more information, contact Audrey Harton at (307) 382-1661 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181