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Drawn Thought

January 04, 2018

	Mark Ritchie uses
Mark Ritchie uses binoculars while sketching a wild horse in Wyoming. His sketches will be on display from January 17th to February 22nd in the Art Gallery at WWCC.

Western Wyoming Community College Art Gallery presents sketchbooks and preliminary sketches by professional artists though the region and beyond, January 17th through February 22nd, 2018.

The artists are from all disciplines of art, three dimensional and two, whose artistic output is from a variety of materials including paint, print, clay, metals, installation et al.  Their sketchbooks show a celebration of artistic thought on a daily basis not necessarily associated directly with a product.

As curator and participant, Florence Alfano McEwin states, ”On any given day, for each and every artist presented in Drawn Thought, there is a different reason to pick up tool and paper.  What you will see in this show reflects thoughts, responses and needs both visual and emotional – parts of journeys of discovery, celebrating the visual with immediacy and appropriation. Less encumbered by material and medium preparations.  These responses have a direct authenticity. Quick or slow, the works are part of the creative process not necessarily leading to but meandering through the creative practice.”

From quick sketch to detailed rendering, direction and technique differs from artist to artist but all show the thought on the page. Each artist has submitted a brief comment with and about their sketchbook practices.

The Drawn Thought presentation will consist of the work of; Diana Baumbach, installation artist and educator in the UW Art Department, Ashley Hope Carlisle, installation and sculpture artist and educator in the UW Art Department, Bart Fetz, ceramic artist and educator in the WWCC Art Department, John Giarrizzo, painter and educator at NWCC in Powell, Jean Gumpper, printmaker and educator in the Colorado College Art Department, Leah Hardy, metalsmith and educator in the UW Art Department, Jennie Kiessling, installation artist and educator at Front Range Community College,CO, Pat Kikut, painter and educator in the UW Art Department, Florence Alfano McEwin, artist of both paint and print as well as educator in the WWCC Art Department, Lilianne Milgrom, painter, Washington DC/France, Mark Ritchie, printmaker and educator in the UW Art Department, Doug Russell, drawing artist and educator in the UW Art Department, Linda Ryan, sculptor and retired educator at Casper College, Sue Sommers, painter from Pinedale Wyoming, Shane Steiss, painter and GRHS Art Instructor, Matt West, ceramic artist and educator at LCCC in Cheyenne, E.K. Wimmer, painting and drawing  artist and Curator at the Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper, Maria Rose Wimmer, artist in drawing and painting.

“My sketchbook comes alive when I travel, stimulating fresh ideas and perspectives. This particular sketchbook is dedicated to travel in Italy where it has seen 2 trips 20 years apart. The most recent being this spring where I re-appreciated the extent of Etruscan influences and spent my birthday celebrating with good food, wine and people I love,” stated Linda Ryan.

“For me, a sketchbook is a place for conception of ideas, storage of images, a raw place to think without editing.  My sketchbooks are like an external hard-drive for my brain that contain shopping lists, to do lists, photos, pressed leaves, information from museums, receipts, fragments of found papers with perfect colors, email addresses, book and movie titles, writing-to-self akin to a diary, and drawings from life and compositional thumb-nail drawings. I go back to sketchbooks to find specific information, spend time in reflection, and gain an understanding of my current work,” said Mark Ritchie.

Visit the Western Wyoming Community College Art Gallery to see the Drawn Thought presentation, January 17th- February 22nd, from 8:00AM to 5PM. The show is free and open to the public. The community is encouraged to visit the gallery.

For any inquiries, contact Florence Alfano McEwin, curator,  

For more information, contact Audrey Harton at (307) 382-1661 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181