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Meet Sandy Brown: Assistant Professor of Engineering

November 30, 2017

Sandy Brown, Western
Sandy Brown, Western's own Scottish base player enjoy the 2017 eclipse.

Meet Sandy Brown; Assistant Professor of Engineering and Bass Player!

"Originally from Scotland, I moved to the US with my wife (a US citizen) in August 2015. Whilst living in Washington DC I enjoyed much that the city has to offer. The highlights were the lunch specials at the Chinese restaurant around the corner, and regular trips to the zoo. It was fun but I’m definitely not a city person, and Rock Springs is a much better fit. I grew up in a small rural village (not rural by Wyoming standards) as the youngest of 6 children. As a lad I liked to play in the woods which were about two stone-throws from our house, and that hasn’t changed much.

In addition to hiking and being outdoors I enjoy music. I played bass in a few bands. The first was named Ted Dancin’ after the comedy actor. The second was named The Blistering Blues Broadcast. Incidentally, of 6 Scottish band members, 4 have married Americans, and 3 of those now live in the US. I also have done some singing in the past and sang in several amateur opera productions. Those were always a hoot.

I’m now doing my dream job and loving it," - Sandy Brown. 

Next time you see Sandy around campus, be sure to ask him about his favorite zoo animals, and best Chinese lunch specials! We're lucky to have such a fun diverse group of people here on campus. 


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