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Western students to present research projects from their Holocaust History class this week and next

November 30, 2016

Former WWCC student
Former WWCC student Melia Dayley presents her historical research project at the Western Undergraduate Research Symposium in April 2016.

Students in the Holocaust History class, taught by Associate Professor of History and Political Science Jessica Clark, Ph.D., will present this semester’s research projects in a program that is free and open to the public. The presentations will run from 1 – 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1, and Tuesday, Dec. 6, in the Hay Library on the Rock Springs campus of Western Wyoming Community College.

The schedule for Dec. 1 includes:

1:00 to 1:02 - Welcome

1:03 to 1:13 - Bailee Thomas – “A Time of Sorrow and Misery: Alter Wiener's ‘Unheroic Memory’”

1:15 to 1:25 - Elizbeth Liebelt – “A Damaged Person: Felix Weinberg’s ‘Unheroic’ Holocaust Memories”

1:27 to 1:37 - Carlos Gonzalez – “Remnants of the Holocaust: Gizelle Hersh ‘Humiliated Memory’”

1:39 to 1:49 - Phoenix Butler – “The Agony of Warsaw: Mary Berg's ‘Memories of Life in a Ghetto’”

1:51 to 2:01 - Sarah Keller – “Haunted by the Holocaust: ‘Humiliated Memories’ of Survivor Stephen Nasser”

2:02 to 2:12 - Kaitlynn Snell – “Philip Bialowitz's Memoir: The Buried Man”

2:14 to 2:15 - THANK YOU

The schedule for Dec. 6 includes:

1:00 to 1:02 - Welcome!

1:03 to 1:13 -  Megan Lord – “Revisiting the Tainted Past: Regina Grol's Holocaust Memoir”

1:15 to 1:25 - Matthew Medina – “Diminished Will in Dark Times: Wesley Adamczyk's ‘Unheroic Memory’”

1:27 to 1:37 - Beatrice Ribeiro – “The Years of ‘Tainted Memories’: Frances Flumenbaum Remembers the Holocaust”

1:39 to 1:49 -  Zaydia Ellis – “Can the Past be Believed?: Elie Wisel's ‘Anguished Memories’”

1:51 to 2:01 -  Aly Sweet – “Damaged & Yearning for Revenge: Paul Leeser's ‘Unheroic Memory’”

2:02 to 2:12 - BriAnna Keller – “Promise Trials: Rena Kornreich's Empiricism of Humiliated Memory”

2:14 to 2:15 - THANK YOU

There will be a short time for questions from the audience after each presentation, and the presenters will remain after the program to answer additional questions.  

Western is proud to invite the campus and community to hear these informative and entertaining student presentations. For more information, contact Prof. Clark at

For more information, contact Audrey Harton at (307) 382-1661 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181