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PTSB Credit

Wyoming Approved PTSB Credit:
The Wyoming Department of Education approves courses and workshops for PTSB Credit in Wyoming. For more information on approved courses and workshops, and Wyoming PTSB credit please visit Wyoming PTSB approved credit.

Approved ed2go PTSB Credit:
The Wyoming Department of Education approves many ed2go courses for PTSB Credit. For more information on Wyoming approved ed2go courses for PTSB credit please see the Wy PTSB Approved Workshops. Please check list date for the most current approval and verify with Wyoming PTSB before enrollment.

Basic Computer Courses:
A variety of basic computer courses are offered through Valley Learning Center Community Education. These hands-on courses are instructor led. They cover basic computer information depending on course topic selection. Each course is worth .5 PTSB credit. These courses are also POST certified.

For more information on dates, locations, & how to register for basic computer courses offer through our Community Education this semester go to our Community Education Tab (on the left) or call Valley Learning Center at 307-782-6401.

Emergency Planning and Disaster Awareness:
Contact Kim West at 307-783-0327
Call for dates, details and location
1.5 PTSB Credits

This course will provide you with basic information on how to manage a variety of emergencies/disasters in your home, neighborhood and community. This class is taught by the Community Emergency Response Team (CERTS). They are trained to help the local emergency responders in times of disaster and prepare you for emergencies. We will discuss disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations, search and rescue operations, organization and disaster psychology, and terrorism.

Other PTSB Credit Offerings:
Besides college credit offerings that are eligible for PTSB credit through the Valley Learning Center WWCC Outreach, from time to time VLC offers other Community Education courses with PTSP credit. Please check out our most current Community Education class schedule on our Community Education page.

For more information, contact Karla Behunin at (307) 782-6401 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181