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Adult Basic Education

Students Improve Your Skills:
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Language/Writing
  • Employability Skill Building
  • E.S.L. (English as Second Language)
  • High School Equivalency and GED Preparation

English as a Second Language:
    The Valley Learning Center ESL class is designed for foreign born students who want to improve their speaking, listening and writing skills. The class offers conversational practice and study labs are available to meet the needs of a beginning, intermediate or advanced ESL student.

Adult Basic Education English Grammar & Writing:
    This is an individualized study of English Grammar and Writing Skills. It covers grammar, punctuation, and basic writing skills. This is a great class to prepare you for college, helping your children, or just improve your writing ability. Individualized instruction allow for personal attention in order to meet studentís schedule and specific needs.

Adult Basic Education Math for the Real World and/or Basics of Algebra:
    Math is one of those skills that is commonly lacking or is easily forgotten. This class will start at your level and work you up to where you want to be. Individualized instruction allows for personal attention in order to meet student's schedule and specific needs. This is a great class to prepare you for college, helping your children, or just improve your math skills. The basics of math, algebra and geometry can be covered. This will also give you preparation for college math classes and the college placement testing.

Graduate High School Equivalency & GED Testing Preparation:
    Valley Learning Center can help anyone, 16 years of age or older, prepare and successfully earn a Wyoming Certificate of High School Equivalency (16 & 17 year old students require a state issued age waiver). Students are prepared to pass five individual tests: Language Arts: Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts: Reading, and Math. The tests are multiple choice except for writing an essay and portions of the Math test. To begin preparation, students are given placement tests in these areas to determine their placement into Adult Education classes. Come in and we can help you prepare with an individualized study schedule and one-on-one tutoring that will prepare you to succeed. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. Getting your Certificate of High School Equivalency enhances your education, employment, and moneymaking opportunities.

Adult Basic Education Employability Skills Building:
    Students have the opportunity to earn a Wyoming Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) to demonstrate their skills and potential to employers. The program offers skills training in various areas of career development including job search, resume writing, interviewing techniques, abilities and aptitudes assessments, as well as reading for information, applied math, and locating information.

    To see how this program can assist you with obtaining and/or improving employment, please visit

For more information, contact Karla Behunin at (307) 782-6401 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181