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Courses and Programs

Western Wyoming Community College - Star Valley Outreach offers a wide variety of programs: College Credit, Personal Enrichment, High School Concurrent, and Internet classes.

Class schedules are not mailed to each postal customer. Instead, you'll find them in the Star Valley Independent as an insert. Additionally, they will be available at the Afton Branch Library, DFS, Workforce Services, Afton Town Hall, Star Valley Chamber of Commerce, Pioneer Anglers, Familee Market, Subway, Astle's Country Store, Thayne Branch Library, Thayne Town Hall, Valley Market, Etna Trading Post, Bedford Post Office, Alpine Branch Library, Alpine Town Hall, and Alpine Market. Of course, you can always pick one up at the WWCC - Star Valley Outreach office. We've also included a PDF file of the schedule, which can be found on this site. Once you receive your copy, you simply need to decide what classes you want to take, register and attend. It's as simple as that!

College Credit Courses

When you take a college credit course through WWCC - Star Valley, you may be assured that the course work and the instructor's qualifications are comparable to that of the same course taught on campus.

Student Services:
You may access your grades, registration and financial aid information, and your on-line classroom, etc. through Mustang Cruiser and Mustang WebAdvisor. Log-in and Password are assigned to current students, shortly after first-time registration.

All textbooks must be ordered directly from the WWCC campus bookstore website at WWCC Bookstore. The website includes author, title, publisher, and copyright date for textbooks or materials.

How Do I Drop Course?:
You must sign an add/drop form by the established drop deadline in order to drop or withdraw from a class each semester. The signed form must be submitted to the Outreach office. Check with us for drop dates of classes by calling (307) 886-3834.

Outreach staff will be glad to help you set up your degree plan, and this allows you to know what classes are required. Call to make an appointment, 886-3834.

We accept classes taken at other institutions. Generally, there is no time limit as to how long credits are considered acceptable, but final determination must be made by WWCC.

The majority of WWCC Credit Classes are transferable to other institutions. You are responsible for understanding what is required at another college or university.

What If I Have Concerns About a Course?
Please contact the Star Valley Outreach Office and, then, after talking with them, if you still have concerns, contact the Director of Distance Education at (307) 382-1757.

Goals For Student Success:
Western Wyoming Community College has identified major goals for student success that are designed to assist students in developing abilities that will help prepare them to succeed in the world today and mett the challenges of the future. They are: Communicate Competently, Retrieve Information, See Issues From Multiple Perspectives, Solve Problems, and Develop Life Skills.

General Education Requirements

Financial Aid

High School Opportunities

High school juniors and seniors can start now working on their college careers. Western Wyoming Community College Outreach and Star Valley High School are working together to provide college credit classes to exceptional High School Juniors and Seniors through our High School Concurrent courses.

Concurrent classes are basically High School courses which are taught at a college level, and since the objectives are the same as those required of on-campus students, you may receive high school and college credit for the class. There is no cost to the student for these courses, but forms must be completed and submitted by specific dates. Credits transfer to most institutions. How the credits apply to a degree is determined by the college you choose to attend. For specifics, call that institution.

  • COSC 1200 - Computer Information Systems - Dahl Simpson
  • ES 2230 - Computer Aided Drafting - Randy Hokanson
  • ES 2240 - Advanced Computer Aided Drafting - Randy Hokanson
  • SPAN 1010 - First Year Spanish I - Casey Parry
  • SPAN 1020 - First Year Spanish II - Casey Parry
  • NRST 1510 - Nurse Assistant - Jeanelle Livingston
  • NRST 1511 - Nurse Assistant Lab - Jeanelle Livingston
  • HLTK 1650 - CPR - Jeanelle Livingston
  • GEOL 1100 - Physical Geology - Mark Nethercott
  • ENGL 1010 - English Composition I - Kelly Fullmer
  • ENGL 1020 - English Composition II - Kelly Fullmer
  • CMAP 1880 - Internet - Brandy Taylor
  • CMAP 1890 - WWW Authoring: Dreamweaver - Brandy Taylor
  • CMAP 1850 - Desktop Publishing - Brandy Taylor
  • BOTK 1555 - Basic Office Skills - Brandy Taylor
  • HMDV 1000 - College Studies
  • WELD 1840 - Groove Welding Plate - Dallas Warren
  • WELD 1760 - Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Dallas Warren
For more information, please feel free to call the WWCC Outreach office at 886-3834 or Star Valley High School Counselors at 885-4020.

Personal Enrichment Classes

WWCC - Star Valley offers a variety of personal enrichment classes and workshops each semester. These courses offer you an opportunity to enhance your personal knowledge and develop new talents, as well as meet new friends. In addition, many of our classes help build job skills.

Registration Form

We're always looking for instructors. All you need is a skill and a desire to share it with others in your community. If you're interested, be sure and give us a call, 886-3834.

Internet Classes

WWCC offers a variety of classes over the internet.

Non-Credit Courses:
Many of the Non-Credit Internet courses are designed not only for personal enrichment but also for improving job skills. There are hundreds of classes from which to choose. We even offer on-line certificate programs. For specific class information and to register either call 886-3834 or check it out at Ed2Go.

Credit Courses:
Credit courses taught over the internet provide a wonderful alternative for busy people who cannot attend on-site classes. Some degrees can be completed through distance courses. For specific information, visit the WWCC Distance Learning site.

In order to take the credit courses you must: Be comfortable using a computer and a word processor, be comfortable sending e-mails with and without attachments, have access to the Internet and MS Word 2003 or higher, use the e-mail address provided to you by the college, and check out the special requirements. For more specific information, call us at 886-3834.

Don't have a computer? WWCC - Star Valley now has several student computers available for your internet and typing needs! Call us for an appointment.

Registration Information

Distance Courses:
Registration for Distance Courses begins the first week of April for Fall classes and the first week of November for Spring classes. For specific date information, call 886-3834 or (800) 226-1181.

Local Courses:
PRE-REGISTRATION will be held for degree seeking students during advising only.

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION is held at the WWCC Outreach Office - 247 North Washington between Family Dollar and Subway. Check out our Important Dates link for specific information. Tuition must be paid at registration.

MAIL-IN REGISTRATION: For your convenience, we will accept Mail-In registrations. Simply fill out the form in the back of the brochure and mail it to us, along with check or money order payable to WWCC. (Registration Form) You may send in your registration as soon as you receive the brochure, however mail-ins will be opened in the order in which they were received after the first walk-in students are registered. NOTE: We will notify you only if the class is cancelled or closed.

PHONE-IN REGISTRATION: You may use a credit card to phone in registrations. Call 886-3834 after 10 a.m. on the first day of Official Registration.

CREDIT CARDS: You may use VISA or MasterCard to pay for tuition, textbooks, and some materials fees.

PTSB Recertification Credit


For more information, contact Yvonne Putnam at (307) 886-3834 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181