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Students Western Wyoming Community College provides a number of services to you here in this area. You can register, attend classes, meet with an academic advisor, complete assessments, file paperwork, and apply for financial aid. You also have access to all services available on-campus, so please feel free to contact us at 307-326-5600. Remember, students are responsible for adhering to all College regulations. The best place to find the necessary information is the College catalog. It's our contract with you; please stop by and pick up yours today.

For academic advising, make an appointment to see your academic advisor and plan ahead. The Saratoga/Encampment Outreach has a part-time student advisor. Degree seeking students should apply for admission to WWCC.

Goals for Student Success
WWCC has identified five major goals for student success in order to assist students in developing abilities that will help prepare them to succeed in the world today and meet the challenges of the future. These goals are addressed in courses across the curriculum at WWCC, and methods of instruction and assessment are varied. Being aware of these goals as you pursue your education at WWCC will aid you as you work to demonstrate these abilities within various courses and contexts of college life:
  • Communicate Competently
  • Solve Problems
  • Retrieve Information
  • Develop Life Skills
  • See Issues from Multiple Perspectives

Auditing Courses (Taking a Credits Course for No Credit)
A student may audit any WWCC course. However, a student receives neither credit nor a grade for the course. The decision to audit a course must be made during the first two weeks of class. The cost for auditing a course is the same as taking a course for credit. Students auditing a course may attend class and choose whether or not to complete assignments, take tests or participate in group projects.

Placement Testing
Western requires all full-time students and any part-time student enrolling in English and/or math to take a COMPASS placement test. This is a national standardized test designed to help students succeed in College-level coursework. COMPASS scores place you at the correct level in Western courses. If you have designated ACT or SAT individual test scores, you may be exempted from the placement tests. Please contact the office for more information. The COMPASS placement tests are given by appointment only and may be taken at the Saratoga Outreach Office 307-326-5600.

Smarthinking is an online tutorial service available at no cost to all WWCC students. Students access this service for tutorials in math, science, business, and writing. Most tutors are available 24/7 with limited waiting time. Essay evaluations take a few days. It is a good idea to have your essay completed several days early to allow time for the evaluation and to make corrections for a final grade.

Peer Tutoring Services
Peer tutors have taken the class(es) in which you need help. They have received a B or better in the class, are empathetic in your needs, and are dedicated to helping you succeed. Peer tutors are available to help you with: More effective studying strategies; Pertinent note taking; Reinforce what you are studying; Improving student grades. Tutoring is by appointment only. Call 307-382-9204 to schedule tutoring or for more information.

ANTS (WWCC Affiliation of Non-Traditional Students)
A non-traditional student is anyone whose education has not followed the normal progression of attending college directly after high school. The mission of the ANTS organization is to promote a communication network, provide support, and create a comfortable academic and social atmosphere for non-traditional students enrolled at WWCC.

For more information, contact Andi Ward at (307) 710-2424 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181