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General Information & FAQ's

How Do I Buy My Books?
Textbooks are available through the WWCC Outreach office in Saratoga. We have a list by class and can sell them to you in the office or shop online with the bookstore

What Are the Rules About Attending Class?
Each instructor sets his or her own attendance policy. Instructors may drop students from class for excessive absenteeism. It is in your best interest to attend class regularly. The number one reason students fail classes is lack of attendance and subsequent lack of understanding of expectations and deadlines for assignments. If you must miss a class for some reason, let your instructor know. If you are going to miss class for an extended period, call the WWCC Outreach Office at (307) 326-5600.

How Do I Drop or Withdraw From Classes?
Students must sign an add/drop form by the established drop deadline in order to drop or withdraw from a class each semester. The signed add/drop form must be submitted to the Outreach Office. Check with the Outreach Office for drop dates of classes by calling (307) 326-5600.

What Do I Do If I Have Concerns About a Class?
You should contact the Outreach Office and after talking with them, if you still have concerns, contact the Student Learning office, (307) 382-1617 on campus.

How Do I Get a Transcript From Western?
You may pick up a form from the Outreach Office, call (307-382-1637), fax (307-382-1636), or request it online. There is no charge for transcripts.

How Do I Find Out What I Still Need To Graduate From Western?
Contact the Saratoga/Encampment Outreach Office 307-326-5600. An initial degree check will be done for you and sent to the Rock Springs campus. An official check can then be done. You should apply for graduation the semester prior to the semester you plan to complete. This gives you time to make adjustments the last semester if needed. WWCC encourages you to attend the on-campus graduation ceremony held each year in May.

How Do I Find Out My Grades?
You can access your grades (as well as transcripts and other academic information) on WebAdvisor. Log into Mustang Cruiser and go to "Mustang WebAdvisor." You will need your log in and password to access your account. If you do not have them contact 307-326-5600 in Saratoga. Grades are available shortly after finals week. Grades will not be mailed to students unless special requests are made to Enrollment Services at 382-1637.

For more information, contact Andi Ward at (307) 710-2424 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181