Policy 5420C


The College prohibits students from using, manufacturing, possessing, distributing, or selling illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on property it owns or leases. Students violating this policy are subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.

Students must conform to federal, state and local laws prohibiting the production, distribution, sale, use or possession of illegal drugs, or the distribution or misuse of prescription medications, on property the College owns or leases. For the purposes of this policy, items prohibited on College property include but are not limited to roach clips, water pipes, chamber pipes, carburetor pipes, electric pipes, air-driven pipes, chiller pipes, chillums, bongs or any item altered for the purpose of using illegal drugs.

To prevent the use or misuse of substances, the College will cooperate with Wellbeing and Accessibility, Residence Halls and Student Life, and local and area agencies to educate the College community.

Adopted: April 8, 1971
Revised: April 26, 1984
Revised: May 26, 1988
Revised: July 16, 2008
Revised: October 16, 2014

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