Career Coach

A tool to assist you in finding a major!


“As a community college we understand not everyone has a clear path into what they want to do for work, nor what’s available. This new tool is the first step in the research process. It’s also a great tool for those already in the workforce who want to explore new career paths.”Dr. Kim Dale, President for Western Wyoming Community College

Western Wyoming Community College has partnered with Emsi in providing you a new tool called Career Coach. This web-based application, through a series of questions, helps you find a career that matches your strengths and profiles the education you need for those professions.

When you have a career vision, you’re more likely to complete a program of study on time and succeed in your career. Career Coach gives helps you find that vision. This powerful online service uses Emsi’s comprehensive labor market data to help you find careers that match your strengths—and discover programs at Western that will prepare you for success.

While exploring careers, you are able to see salaries, required education, and other helpful information to allow you to make better decisions pertaining to your desired educational goals. Career Coach also has a resume building tool for you to begin to drafting your resume. This tool includes suggested tasks and skills to include in your resume based on their work experience.

Career Coach has been mapped to Western’s specific programs and implemented for the next three years. If you are first time student, you will be asked to complete the assessment in the First Year Success course that is required of all degree seeking students. Upon completion, you will be able to discover which major offered at Western matches their strengths and interests, early on.

In the future, Western aspires to add an additional feature of live job postings. Stay tuned! 


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