Schedule an audition for the musical theatre scholarship by emailing Eric de Lora at


or Steve Cramer at


You can also call the Performing Arts Office at (307) 382-1721.  

Schedule a portfolio interview for the technical theatre scholarship by emailing Amy Critchfield at 


You can also call the Performing Arts Office at (307) 382-1721.  

For Musical Theatre: perform from memory two contrasting musical theatre songs not to exceed 1 minute in length each and one monologue not to exceed 1 minute in length (total of three minutes). The songs must be from a stage musical (1920s-present) and should display your best vocal range, vocal style, and characterization. The monologue must be from a published stage play. 

For Theatre Education or Theatre Studies: perform from memory two contrasting monologues not to exceed 1 minute in length each and one musical theatre song not to exceed 1 minute in length (total of three minutes). The monologues must be from published stage plays.The song must be from a stage musical (1920s-present) and should display your best vocal range, vocal style, and characterization.

For any of the three: if in-person, please have your printed music prepared and in a three-ring binder for the accompanist; if submitting a video, you must use live or recorded accompaniment. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to sing unaccompanied (a cappella)! 

Email the video to: edelora@westernwyoming.edu 

To apply for a technical theater scholarship we need a portfolio and a resume as well as an interview.  The portfolio needs to show pictures of what you have worked on and can also include art projects, projects that you have done for classes or projects that you have done outside of school. (home improvement, hobbies etc.)  It does not need to be a long portfolio. 

For the interview we would also like you to answer the following questions: What excites you about technical theater? What has been your favorite show you have worked on? What areas in technical theater are you interested in?​ What are your future plans? 

We prefer that the portfolio is digital and emailed to 



 Go to https://Western Wyoming Community Collegewy.peopleadmin.com and apply to the Theatre Student Worker position.  This position encompasses all work within the technical, costume and office areas.  You will also need to stop by the Performing Arts Office (Room 1004) and fill out a supplemental application. (*If you have worked for the Theater department the previous year, please see Katie in the Performing Arts Office before applying.) 
The Associate of Arts degree transfers seamlessly to four-year colleges and universities throughout the USA that offer the B.A., B.S. and/or B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, and Theatre Education. It may also transfer to other programs and institutions both in the USA and abroad. It is never too soon to begin discussing transfer options and career paths with the theatre faculty who serve as a student’s advisor.  

For some aspiring performers, heading straight to New York City and auditioning for Broadway after high school is an option, but due to the competitive nature of show business it is generally best to have some training in acting, singing and dancing. Even those that are in NYC take acting and dance class as well as voice lessons. An AA in Musical Theatre provides foundational training in musical theatre, but students are encouraged to audition for summer opportunities in the region. See a theatre advisor for more information. 

Many technicians join the stagehand union, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) in larger markets (Salt Lake City, Denver, and Las Vegas are closest to us) after completing the AA in Technical Theatre Other career options are available both at the annual conference and on the website of United State Institute of Technology (USITT), an organization of theatre professionals, educators and students.  Designers may join United Scenic Artists (USA) after they have completed their BFA or MFA in one of the design areas. See a theatre advisor for more information. 

For those considering teaching as a career, working as an intern for the Sweetwater BOCES Summer Theatre for Youth and/or Shakespeare Workshop offers students hands-on experience creating a show with young people (ages 8-18). Students can also complete the Substitute Teacher Training course (EDUC 1520) and be hired by the local school districts (Sweetwater 1 and Sweetwater 2) to teach.  Students who obtain a bachelor degree in secondary education with a specialization in theatre are able to teach in secondary schools (grades 7-12). The AA in Theatre Education provides foundational training in both education and theatre. See a theatre advisor for more information. 


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