Sociology is for you if:

  • you want to make a difference, change lives, and help others
  • you want to take courses with interesting subject matter
  • you want to learn skills that prepare you for the workforce
  • you want to choose a major that prepares you for a world of growing diversity and continuous change
  • you want a degree that can earn you a well paid job in a growing and diverse job market 

The discipline of Sociology is an exciting field of study that provides the opportunity to learn about the behavior of people as social beings and the interactions that make up society. 

The Associate's degree in Sociology is intended for students with a wide variety of interests, including inequality, race, gender, immigration, culture, education, poverty, crime, law, business, journalism, and politics. It is designed for students who wish to transfer to other university programs around the country as well as for those who wish to immediately join the workforce.

The concepts and skills students learn encourage critical thinking and emphasize the link between sociological principles and their application in students' lives, future careers, and the real world more generally. Students will learn how social problems are constructed, recognize the interrelation of individual behavior and societal trends, and evaluate and make arguments concerning issues in and beyond the United States. A student who obtains an Associate's degree in Sociology may find employment in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors in a wide variety of capacities. 


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