Political Science


Political Science is a multi-faceted sub-discipline within the realm of the Social Sciences, drawing upon theoretical and practical lessons derived from the study of human societies. Political Science allows students to focus on and study a wide array of fascinating aspects of human behavior, including: the concept of power; the wielding of power in the context of authoritative decision-making; political leadership; types and forms of political and governmental institutions; the basis of laws for organizing and governing societies; forms of political participation in different societies; political cultures and behaviors; comparing and contrasting different political systems across the world; international relations and global politics; among others.

A Political Science Associate of Arts degree opens doors for students into further, more advanced areas of study, as well as professional application in a variety of career settings, including: social science education (at all levels); journalism; law; and public and civil service (local, national, and international); among others. Students in the discipline are encouraged to develop important skills in critical thinking and inquiry, as well as regarding quality verbal and written communication.


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