We are told college is about opportunities to further not only our education, but ourselves as individuals. When I enrolled at Western, I was asked why not a four year university. My answer is simply this. The oppourtunities that the Western Wyoming Comunity College Psychology department have offered me are better than that of many four year institutions. I can think of no better place to start my education than here to make me competitive latter in my career.-— Ryan Desmond


Choosing a major is almost as difficult as choosing your college when you don't know where or what you'd like to be. The psychology department always piqued my interest and ever since I've felt at home. The classes invite discussion on important topics, from mental health to new research. They have become classes that I'm genuinely excited for and open a new world of perspectives. I can't wait to see where it takes me.-— Luna Kaler
The psychology program at Western Wyoming Community College has exceeded my expectations. My classes have been challenging, interactive, and rewarding. The professors are passionate about psychology, and education, and go out of their way to assist and enhance learning. I have been able to improve my own life and the life of my family by applying the concepts that I have learned about human behavior from the psychology program to everyday life. I look forward to assisting others as I share my knowledge in my future career.-— Rebecca Barton-Stewart


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