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Psychology, A Dynamic Discipline

Psychology is a dynamic discipline that can lead to rewarding careers in mental health services, teaching, counseling, and research. Psychologists study cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments. They use their findings to help improve processes and behaviors.  The Psychology Associate of Arts degree is intended for students interested in teaching, medicine, law, social work, business, or in human services such as mental health, nursing, child care, and criminal justice. It is also designed for transfer to university programs in psychology.


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Pathways for Psychology Majors
  • Clinical Psychology, providing comprehensive mental and behavioral health care to individuals and families. 
  • Cognitive/Perceptual Psychology, studing how our human brains work, focusing on perception, decision making, and how we think, remember, and learn.
  • Counseling Psychology, helping people recognize their strength and find resources to overcome everyday problems and adversity.
  • Developmental Psychology, focusing on how we as humans grow, develop, learn, mature, and adapt throughout our lives.
  • Educational Psychology, studying how people learn and retain knowledge to improve the learning proccess and promote educationa success. 
  • Engineering Psychology, observing and studying how humans interact with machines and technology to promote safe and efficient interactions between them.
  • Experimental/Research Psychology, eploring theoretical questions and using emperical research to better understand behavior.
  • Forensic Psychology, using psychological science to aid in the public safety and the judicial systems.
  • Geriatric Psychology, counseling older adults in long-term facilities, such as nursing homes and rehabilitaion departments.
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology, finding solutions to problems in the workplace on individual, group, and organizational levels. 
  • Neuropsychology, studying the relationship between behavior, emotion, cognition and the functions of the brain.
  • Social/Personality Psychology, exploring aspects such as personalty, social interaction, and the influences of interpersonal and group relations.
  • Sports Psychology, using psychological techniques and principles to facilitate peak sports performance.


We are told college is about opportunities to further not only our education, but ourselves as individuals. When I enrolled at Western, I was asked why not a four year university. My answer is simply this. The oppourtunities that the Western Wyoming Comunity College Psychology department have offered me are better than that of many four year institutions. I can think of no better place to start my education than here to make me competitive later in my career.-— Ryan Desmond
Choosing a major is almost as difficult as choosing your college when you don't know where or what you'd like to be. The psychology department always piqued my interest and ever since I've felt at home. The classes invite discussion on important topics, from mental health to new research. They have become classes that I'm genuinely excited for and open a new world of perspectives. I can't wait to see where it takes me.-— Luna Kaler


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To get more information on the Psychology Department or details about obatining an Associates of Arts in Psychology, you can contact Western’s Mustang Success at 307-382-1660 or

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