You should speak with a Psychology faculty advisor to explore your interests and how they fit into the overall field of psychology. Your advisor can provide you with information in referencing current trends, as well as discuss opportunities within the Wyoming area.

Although obtaining a higher degree in Psychology is advised, you can work as a social work assistant or psychiatric technician with an Associate of Arts in Psychology.

Your Psychology advisor can assist in helping you to plan your 2-year term at Western Wyoming Community College.

You aren't able to earn your Psychology degree completely online here at Western Wyoming Community College.
You can transfer to a multitude of 4-year institutions to continue you education in Psychology. Obtaining at least a B.A. or B.S. in advised when pursuing a career in Psychology, although a Master's or even a Doctorate is preferred. In order to get many jobs and careers in the field, Graduate School may be a necessary stepping stone for you. 

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Please contact Mustang Success 307-382-1660 or mustangsuccess@westernwyoming.edu

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