Language Arts

Looking to impress employers?

Look no further than the Language Arts.

The number one skill that employers look for is the ability to communicate, which means both orally or in writing. Being able to do those things in a foreign language is also a great skill when job hunting. In these fields you’ll learn to think critically and communicate effectively.

Western’s Communication Program teaches students to communicate effectively with a diverse array of groups and individuals. Students will learn the skills necessary to be successful in today’s global environment.

Turn your love of reading into a degree in English. The English Program focuses on developing critical thinking skills and an appreciation of literature of all kinds. This major also contributes to the development of writing skills enabling valuable written communication abilities.

The Spanish Program enables students to speak the second most spoken language in the world. This program provides students with the foundation in speaking and writing that will benefit them in a global market. In addition students will learn about a variety of cultures and values held by Spanish-speaking people worldwide.

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