Powersports Technology

Powersports is a growing market with no indication of slowing down.  The utility vehicle has become much more adverse and capable over the last few years even to the point of serving as the daily commuter for that outgoing customer.  Here at Western, we have seen a demand for technicians to maintain these types of equipment.  For the first time, these types of vehicles are currently legal on public roadways which has made these types of vehicle a part of the daily routine. The powersport vehicle is cost effective, enjoyable, reliable, and reasonably safe. 

In our program here at Western, you will get the knowledge and experience to effectively diagnose and repair this type of vehicles.  Due to the sale of this equipment, the need for technicians has drastically increased so this is a very high demand skills set. There is mounting proof that technicians learning this trait will be in high demand from here on forward.

You must also understand that this type of equipment has also effectively infiltrated the service vehicle in fields such as agriculture, city utility vehicle, construction, hobby farms and small personal business.  The utility vehicle has also dominated the delivery fleets of in-town delivery companies.  Due to fuel expense and maintenance budgets of today’s businesses, utility vehicles only make sense for light, rapid paced business.        

Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Communicate competently, develop life skills, See issues from multiple perspectives
  • Retrieve information

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