Career Information

Process technicians are involved in the manufacture of chemicals and petroleum products that supports our global economy. The processing industry  is anticipating severe shortages in skilled technicians to operate their plants. As the large baby boomer group quickly approaches retirement age. 

Many are expected to be hired while they are still students.

Possible jobs for Plant Operation students  

  • Chemical Plant Operators 
  • Power plant Operator 
  • Water treatment operator 
  • Oil and gas plant operator 

[Plant Operations Salary and Job Outlook – In the State of Wyoming] 



Median Hourly Wage 


Annual Mean Wage 

Power Plant Operators 



Chemical Plant Operators 



Water Plant Operators 



*May 2018 State occupational Employment and Wage Estimates - Wyoming 

For detailed wage estimates by specific business job function please check out the Wyoming Business Salary and Job Outlook 


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