Going to Western was probably the best thing I have ever done. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go into, so I decided Oil and Gas Production. Before even finishing my certificate or degree, I had job offerings from Dominion and Prime Time Production LLC. I feel I have some confidence going into the field knowing just a fraction of what I need but enough to get a job and get experience and learn all the ins and outs of the field. It amazes me how much Western is in contact with surrounding employers and how much pull your professors have in getting you a job.-— ​Richie Savala​
​I am writing in regards to the experiences I have had with the Western Wyoming Community College faculty, and curriculum in the past 7 years I have been associated with the institution. I have been in the oil and gas industry for 28 years, and been through countless courses and training modules, mostly required by either my employer or to adhere to regulatory requirements. In 2012 I decided to enroll for the Oil and Gas Production Technology certificate for personal development, and to improve my working knowledge of the industry. After my first year, it was clear I wanted to pursue the 2 year AAS degree in the same Oil and Gas program, and did. I have since completed an AA and most recently an AS through Western. This was only possible with the extraordinary help and guidance provided by every member of the professing staff. As I was not a traditional student, their cooperation with my schedule was imperative, but it paled in comparison to the level of instruction they provided. This was instrumental in my decision and ability to continue my education at Western. I have since referenced many to this program, to not only continue their education, but experience the caliber of professors available to all who attend. I have also utilized graduates in my company and those I work with as they have proven efficient in the skills and knowledge acquired there. ​I am very thankful for my time at Western, and will continue to support the institution in any way I can.---- BJ Cox
With my first year at Western, I was impressed with the real-life aspect of the oil and gas program. You are outside working on an actual well site and learning what companies are expecting students to learn from this school. The compression lab is another great hands-on experience as you can take apart compressors and start up a package. With all these extra tools at your fingertips, it takes learning to a whole new level in the Oil and Gas program at Western.-— Cutter Foster

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