Career Information

Students who have successfully completed the twenty-three credit ESL Certificate program have matriculated to two and four-year colleges or universities, entered the work force as translators for local and district courts, as paralegals in law firms, as teachers and paraprofessionals in the K-12 public school system, as faculty at higher education institutions, and as engineers for international companies. Recipients of the ESL Certificate have received an academic foundation upon which they have continued to build and earn careers.

Intermediate level and above English as a Second Language (ESL) students may enroll in coursework to earn an ESL Certificate. Successful completion of this coursework will provide a strong academic foundation upon which the motivated ESL student can build a college and professional career where advanced knowledge of English is essential. ESL students often earn the ESL Certificate in addition to earning an Associate’s degree in their major area of study. Possession of an ESL Certificate indicates that a non-native English person has the ability to read and communicate, both orally and in writing, at the level of a college freshman.

Western students who have earned the ESL Certificate have successfully completed Associate’s degrees and transferred to four-year American colleges and universities. Students with degrees of higher education from their countries of origin, and who have earned an ESL Certificate have been employed as: college and public school (K-12) faculty, engineers and business professionals in international corporations, law firm paralegals, local and federal court translators, nurses, and paraprofessionals in academia and the private sector.



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