The History Program at Western offers a variety of opportunities for students, staff, and community members, as faculty are devoted to teaching excellence and student success. Faculty primarily specialize in the history of the American West, with emphasis in women and gender studies, environmental history, memory studies, oral history, public history, and much more.  In addition, they are devoted to approaching their classes and research through a global perspective, preparing students for life in the 21st century.  As a program in the Division of Social Science and Education, the History Program serves students across the campus. 

For instance, three of the four classes approved for Government credit (a legislative requirement for all college students) are offered in this program: US to 1865, US from 1865, and Wyoming History.  All courses offered in this program help students achieve the five goals for student success: communicate competently, retrieve information, see issues from multiple perspectives, think critically, analyze, and solve problems, and develop life skills. This program prepares students for pursuing bachelor degrees in history, secondary education, museum studies, public history, and more.  Students who earn a degree in history, open the door to a variety of career opportunities.  For more information, on what you can do with a history degree, visit the American Historical Association’s “Careers for History Majors.

Helpful Skills and Experience

Students who graduate with an Associate of Arts in History, and who go on to achieve a bachelor’s degree are well equipped to compete in today’s workforce. Particularly, their experience with critical thinking, analysis of data and concepts, and their advanced communication and writing skills make them highly sought by employers in industries such as business, education, entertainment, library science, and public service.

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