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Outreach Course Fees and Fee Waiver (CF-10)
Who Pays: Students enrolled in any WWCC course offered in the outreach areas.

Amount: All outreach sites offering WWCC credit classes are expected to collect the same fees as courses offered on the main campus, unless the Outreach Coordinator in the particular area submits a request to Registration and Records for a waiver or reduction of fees for a particular course(s). In many of the outreach communities, the public school districts provide supplies and materials for our WWCC classes, either as in-kind contributions or for direct payment received from the students of the School District, thus eliminating the need for a course fee.

The procedure to request a fee waiver is as follows:

1. The Outreach Coordinator must submit a request for a course fee waiver to Registration and Records when the course creation is submitted. The request must be accompanied by documentation regarding why fees won't be charged.

2. The waiver request may be made as a one-time request or as a permanent exception. One-time requests are good only for the current year and must be resubmitted each fiscal year. Permanent exception requests will be submitted to the WWCC Board of Trustees when all fees are reviewed. Permanent exceptions are listed below.

3. Registration and Records will submit the request to the Dean of Academic Affairs for authorization.

4. Registration and Records will notify the outreach office of approval or disapproval of the waiver.

Course Site Fee B/T Approval Date
ART 2410 Afton $0  
All BAS Courses Rawlins $0  
All CMAP Courses Afton, Big Piney Medicine Bow
Encampment, Saratoga,
Hanna, Elk Mountain
CMAP 1905 Mountain View $0  
COSC 1200 Mountain View, Saratoga $0  
HLTK 1630 Afton $7 1/05
HLTK 1650 Afton $7 1/05
NRST 1510 Mountain View $0  
PEAC 1273 Afton $0  

This list does not include concurrent courses. Concurrent courses do not have course fees.

Justification: Offset expenses for various student supplies unless waived because of in-kind support from the local school district. Justification for these fees is listed with each course in the WWCC Fee Book.

Fund: Unrestricted Operating (General Course Fee)

Board of Trustees Approval Dates: 12/14/89, 5/23/96, 1/13/05
For more information, contact Mustang Central at (307) 382-1677 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181