Strategic Plan

Western is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan. in the Spring of 2020 the college will begin conducting listening session and in the fall in-depth meetings with all stake holders will be held. We anticipate that the new Strategic Plan will be completed by the end of 2020.

An executive summary of the most recent Strategic Plan can be found below



Western will strengthen consistency and accountability for continuous improvement of student learning

(LEAD: Kim Farley)

Review and modify schedule to ensure no conflicts with required courses and clear path to graduation within two years by May, 2018

Fully implement student learning outcomes assessment, ensuring each course has a common assessment to determine student learning, by fall, 2018

100% of course syllabi will be common under the guidelines established by full-time faculty content experts and will be submitted to the SLO by fall, 2018

Establish a testing center by Fall, 2018

Western will have a functional Strategic Enrollment Management process to develop optimal student body composition

(LEAD: Philip Parnell)

Establish a baseline goal for Melt Rate data by January, 2019

Identify methodology to determine and rate best prospective students by August, 2018

Identify geographic and demographic factors of enrolled students by August, 2018

Western will provide tools and resources to enhance the employee experience for the purpose of employee retention and greater efficacy

(LEAD: Joy Adams)

Implement consistent employee performance process and evaluations by July, 2018 with a goal of 100% of PTB and FT employees evaluated by June, 2019.

Implementation of the first iteration of supervisor training program will be complete by July, 2018; training will be assessed in July, 2019

Western will strengthen local and regional relationships to meet the needs of stakeholders

(LEAD: David Tate)

Establish baseline for attendance at cultural and athletic events by May, 2019

Increase attendance at Performing Arts events by 5% annually, or to capacity, by May, 2019

Increase use of Rock Springs campus by organizations in the service area; establish baseline use by June, 2019

Assess the need to develop a targeted marketing campaign for off-campus constituents by June, 2018

Western will demonstrate responsible stewardship of institutional resources

(LEAD: VP Admin)

Establish a curricular component for budget management techniques within the supervisor training program by October, 2018

Develop a methodology by which institutional resources are considered prior to committing to a strategic initiative by July, 2018

Develop a balanced budget annually that takes into account the funding needs of the strategic plan by February, 2019


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