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Confessions of a Podcast Junkie

04/12/2021 /  Amy Galley - Director of Wellbeing and Accessibility

What does the 1965 Civil Rights marches in Selma Alabama have to do with Wyoming? See how Amy discovered White Lies podcast and decided to bring the storytellers to Western Wyoming Community College to share and spark conversations.

Staging of Romeo & Juliet coming together - with Cherry Trees In Bloom!

03/29/2021 /  Katie Pastor - Performing Arts Office Assistant

Its cherry blossom season around the world, and Theatre students have been building artificial versions for the upcoming Romeo and Juliet theater production. Check out the process!

Relax: Just do it!

03/10/2021 /  Amy Galley

It can be stressful out there. Currently college students are reporting high levels of anxiety. In 2015 57.7% of college students reported “overwhelming anxiety” many of whom met criteria for an anxiety disorder or panic attack. Here's some...

Student Insights for Leading Roles

03/05/2021 /  Elizabeth Litchfield - Business Student

Hear from four students through a series of questions and answers on what drives them to the stage and the courage to perform.


Visit Western Wyoming Community College!

Our campus is nestled at the foot of White Mountain in the middle of the Red Desert and supports over 4,000 students a year. Western houses the natural history museum, art gallery, library, theater, fitness facilities, game room, and pool, all under one roof. Take a guided or self-guided tour!