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Get Your Mountain Biking Fix In The Middle Of Town

02/26/2021 /  Audrey Harton - Public Relations Specialist

Looking for a new adventure in Rock Springs Wyoming? Check out a new mountain bike path to be built near Western Wyoming Community College Summer 2021.

Why Community Colleges Matter

02/24/2021 /  Audrey Harton - Public Relations Specialist

By supporting working students and providing gateways to four-year institutions, Wyoming community colleges create economic opportunity and a better way of life.

Get to Know the Cutthroat Trout

02/24/2021 /  Mark Rembacz - Fly Fishing Instructor

If you’re fishing Wyoming waters, you may well meet our lone native trout species.

Western Nursing Students Prevent COVID Infections

02/23/2021 /  Deanne Garner

It isn’t every day that a person finds themselves amidst a world-wide pandemic. But what happens when a student is in nursing school during such an event? They become a part of history!


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