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Communicating Competently is Important!

03/18/2022 /  Tanya Baer

We cannot escape communicating with others, so it is important to learn how to at least do it competently. What being a Communication major has taught me at Western Wyoming Community College.

A Moving Experience

04/26/2021 /  Sierra Bird (she/her) - AAS Dance Entrepreneurship 2022

A dance student learns to choreograph a group routine for a program project. See her inside view into the process.

Staging of Romeo & Juliet coming together - with Cherry Trees In Bloom!

03/29/2021 /  Katie Pastor - Performing Arts Office Assistant

Its cherry blossom season around the world, and Theatre students have been building artificial versions for the upcoming Romeo and Juliet theater production. Check out the process!

Student Insights for Leading Roles

03/05/2021 /  Elizabeth Litchfield - Business Student

Hear from four students through a series of questions and answers on what drives them to the stage and the courage to perform.

Why Community Colleges Matter

02/24/2021 /  Audrey Harton - Public Relations Specialist

By supporting working students and providing gateways to four-year institutions, Wyoming community colleges create economic opportunity and a better way of life.

Western Nursing Students Prevent COVID Infections

02/23/2021 /  Deanne Garner

It isn’t every day that a person finds themselves amidst a world-wide pandemic. But what happens when a student is in nursing school during such an event? They become a part of history!


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