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Perspective of a Champion

04/16/2024 /  Avrie Farnsworth

Listen to Social Media student worker Avrie Farnsworth interview National Champion Cody Phelps who grew up in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Communicating Competently is Important!

03/18/2022 /  Tanya Baer

We cannot escape communicating with others, so it is important to learn how to at least do it competently. What being a Communication major has taught me at Western Wyoming Community College.

10 Simple Wellness Tips

10/01/2021 /  Haley Rawlings - Mental Health Counselor

Follow these 10 tips to help better increase your physical and mental wellbeing.

Challenging Year to be Student Government President

05/06/2021 /  Ryan Desmond - 2020/2021 SGA President

SGA President Ryan Desmond reflects on how he discovered student government and what he learned in being a leader during COVID-19.

A Moving Experience

04/26/2021 /  Sierra Bird (she/her) - AAS Dance Entrepreneurship 2022

A dance student learns to choreograph a group routine for a program project. See her inside view into the process.

Confessions of a Podcast Junkie

04/12/2021 /  Amy Galley - Director of Wellbeing and Accessibility

What does the 1965 Civil Rights marches in Selma Alabama have to do with Wyoming? See how Amy discovered White Lies podcast and decided to bring the storytellers to Western Wyoming Community College to share and spark conversations.


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